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How to Move Your Website? Best WordPress Migration Plugins Compared

Do you wish to switch hosting providers because you’re having problems with your present one? Does the procedure of moving your website to a new host seem too complicated?

Now, even though I wish to tell you it’s a piece of cake, in reality, website migrations might turn out challenging. And the hazards involved in the process can make it seem like an impossible task. See, WordPress migrations have a history of failing. You might be facing data loss, broken pages, incorrect URLs, and downtimes, all of which may negatively impact your business and revenue collection.

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However, website migrations don’t always turn out bad or traumatic with the right technology in place. Nowadays, you can choose and benefit from numerous WordPress migration plugins available on the market. Still, trying out all of the tools isn’t feasible if you are short on time. So, we have done the job for you.

Here, you can find the finest WordPress migration plugins to help you on your journey of moving your site from one point to another. Fasten your belt, and let’s begin!

You Don’t Always Have To Pay For Website Migrations

Depending on your host, you may not require a migration plugin, such as Migrate Guru, WPvivid Backup, or Duplicator. This way, you’ll reduce the number of plugins on your site, and you won’t have to worry about finishing the migration yourself.

Tip: If your new/potential web host offers free website migrations in the web hosting package (shared hosting, VPS hosting, or dedicated server), all you will need to do is contact its team to transfer your files from the previous host.

The best alternative is going for a Managed WordPress hosting provider. This way, you can drink your coffee worry-free and enjoy your day off while someone else is doing the “heavy lifting” for you.

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The Most Powerful WordPress Migration Plugins

Leaving the job to the web hosting team is excellent for beginners. You will leave everything to a skilled relocation team and won’t have to worry about anything. However, that’s not always an option, and sometimes it can also be pretty costly. So, that’s precisely where the easy-to-use WordPress migration plugins come into play!

Here are the top five WordPress migration plugins for this year!

Plugin #1: Duplicator – Simple and Easy Migrations and Backups

Duplicator is one of the most often used plugins for transferring WordPress site files to a new location. Copying, transferring, and cloning, along with standard migration of a full website, are some of the plugin’s features. It’s a fantastic method for backing up your files to a local workstation, especially since selecting the stuff you wish to download takes a single click.

Furthermore, using Duplicator, you can move all of those files to a new server/host in a few simple steps. You can even pull a live site into a local environment to continue developing it. Backups are also considered, with manual and automated methods available to ensure that your data is always protected.

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Beneficial Features of Duplicator:

  • Both the free and paid editions are pretty beneficial for users of all skill levels.
  • With Duplicator, you can do more than just migrate. It also has options for transferring and cloning of websites.
  • It’s one of the most effective plugins for quickly bringing a live site into a local environment.
  • With only a few clicks, you may migrate your WordPress site. It’s by far the most user-friendly migration tool available.
  • It features manual and periodic backups to protect your site material, depending on your version.
  • It’s feasible to duplicate a site, whether it’s online or in development.
  • You don’t have to be concerned with complex import and export routines. With the press of a few buttons, your complete website gets moved.
  • The premium version includes cloud storage on Google Drive, Dropbox, and Amazon S3, among other popular third-party solutions.
  • Email notifications can be customized.
  • Multisite migrations are made a lot easier with Duplicator Pro. With only a few clicks, you can transfer a whole multisite network.

Reason To Avoid Using Duplicator:

  • When it comes to migrating a website, there are a lot of steps to complete, which might be overwhelming for some people.
  • During migration, the plugin uses your live server resources, which may influence the performance of your live site.
Note: The free version includes many of the essential features. Still, you can also purchase extra features, such as scheduled backups, cloud storage, and email notifications, with the premium plan.


  • Duplicator is one of the fastest and easiest plugins for relocating or duplicating a WordPress website, and everyone should consider it. In terms of specific persons, I recommend Duplicator to anyone looking for cloud storage or a simple way to relocate a multisite network.


  • The premium version starts at $59 per year for three websites.

Plugin #2: BackupBuddy – Installed on More Than Half-Million Sites

BackupBuddy can backup your WordPress site, recover files and migrate them to a new place. Since its primary purpose is to back up and secure your site’s files, you can install this migration plugin for recovering your old data if you accidentally erase new information, get hacked, or experience user difficulties.

Note: iThemes has created BackupBuddy, a backup and migration plugin, which has been installed on more than half a million sites since its introduction.

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Beneficial Features of BackupBuddy:

  • BackupBuddy is a premium backup and migration plugin that is only available for purchase. As a result, you receive far better customer service because you’re paying for it.
  • The plugin gives you a lot of flexibility in pushing and pulling content between staging and live sites.
  • With the click of a mouse, you may clone your WordPress sites.
  • Create any site on a temporary domain, then migrate it to a live domain with BackupBuddy.
  • BackupBuddy’s migration section features outstanding URL replacement, domain switching, and host shifting capabilities, all of which are handled in the background for you.
  • The plugin is capable of much more than just migration. Serialized data, malware scanning, and backups, for example, provide site protection.
  • The backups come in handy when you need to recover or relocate your files to another server. Email notifications, scheduled backups, and the remote storage are just a few of the backup capabilities.

Reasons To Avoid Using BackupBuddy:

  • The plugin has a steep learning curve that can be time-consuming and aggravating.
Important: No free version is available of BackupBuddy.


  • BackupBuddy is a good choice for individuals who want a complete set of protection, migration, and backup options. The plugin reduces the number of plugins you require for your site and ensures that your site’s files are always secure. You can also move the files whenever you want.


  • The paid plan starts at $80 per year for one website.

Plugin #3: All-in-One WP Migration – A Beginner-Friendly Solution

The All-in-One WP Migration plugin has a sizable following with thousands of positive ratings and reviews. The plugin’s entire purpose is to allow you to download your WordPress files without requiring any technical knowledge.

What’s cool about All-in-One WP Migration is that it has a drag-and-drop interface for moving your site to a new location, which makes for a great user experience. During the export, find and replace options are accessible, as well as serialization issues.

When it comes to cooperating with hosting firms, the All-in-One WP Migration developers have done an excellent job. The migration plugin eliminates the need to consider whether or not conflicts or performance concerns will arise.

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Beneficial Features of All-in-One WP Migration:

  • All-in-One WP Migration is a free plugin that includes all of the essential functionality for downloading and transferring your website to a new location.
  • You do not need any technical knowledge to accomplish the transfer. The upload area has a simple drag-and-drop interface.
  • There are no limits to the number of finds and replace and serialization solutions that can be used.
  • The plugin has a broad list of hosting providers with which it is compatible.
  • You can upload larger sites because the plugin uploads them in pieces, bypassing the entire file’s requirement to be under a specific size.
  • Larger sites can upgrade to premium, which includes customer service and the ability to exclude files and restore backups.
  • There are many extensions for connecting to third-party cloud storage services. OneDrive, Dropbox, and Google Drive are just a few of them.

Reasons to Avoid All-in-One WP Migration:

  • Although you can overcome your hosting provider’s upload restrictions, the migration plugin has a 512MB upload limit. You’ll have to pay $69 for a lifetime subscription.
  • While it supports multisite, migration will require the purchase of an extension.
  • Cloud storage services such as Google Drive, Dropbox, and others need payment.


  • Beginners who want a simple, drag-and-drop interface should use All-in-One WP Migration. It’s also useful for anyone who wants a straightforward approach from start to finish. You don’t have to be concerned about file sizes. You don’t have to be concerned about hosting issues. You won’t have to worry about uploading a large file.


  • It is available for $69 for a lifetime premium plan.

Plugin #4: WP Migrate DB – Best For Experienced Developers

WP Migrate DB is a more complex method for migrating a site, but it’s a wonderful choice for people who want more control over the process. In short, WP Migrate DB is sufficient for many advanced users.

The core plugin exports your website database by completing a MySQL data dump. By substituting file paths and URLs and maintaining serialized data, the plugin takes care of the majority of the work for you. In turn, you will receive a SQL file on your PC at the end of the procedure.

Still, to complete the migration, you’ll need to use phpMyAdmin to import the SQL file into the appropriate database. These procedures ensure that developers have a simple way to switch between local and live sites based on their needs.

screenshot of WP Migrate DB Pro banner

Beneficial Features of WP Migrate DB:

  • It provides developers with a secure mechanism to download entire databases and move them to new locations.
  • Most developers who want to download files and migrate them to other servers may get by with the free version.
  • In the background, all file directories, URL paths, and serialized data are handled. The plugin then provides you with a completed SQL file to download.
  • You can fetch or push databases in the pro version.
  • WP Migrate DB is one of the more secure migration plugins available.
  • You can synchronize whole media collections across two websites.
  • WP Migrate DB features a one-of-a-kind feature for converting a multisite network into a single site, which can also be done the other way around.
  • You can choose to exclude specific post types.
  • You may choose which tables to migrate using WP Migrate DB and choose whether to transfer all of your tables or just the most relevant ones to you.

Reasons To Avoid WP Migrate DB:

  • The plugin migrates only your website’s database. You must upgrade to the pro version if you wish to use this migration plugin to move your full site.
Warning: WP Migrate DB is a more complicated plugin for migrating a site. So, if you are a beginner, you might as well consider other options.


  • Developers most commonly use the WP Migrate DB plugin because it provides a lot more options for selecting specific migration elements like tables. Additionally, a site can be moved from one environment to another. All of this is accomplished by using a SQL file download, which is often tricky for newcomers.


  • The premium version costs $99 per year for a single site.

Plugin #5: UpdraftPlus – Backups With A Single Click

UpdraftPlus is basically a backup program. But it can do so much more: it can not only restore files to a new location, but it can also make the entire procedure easier. For example, backing up your site files is as simple as pressing a single button. After that, a restore can be performed either on the same site or elsewhere. Once again, it’s all controlled by a single button.

Important: UpdraftPlus may be tempting for migrations because it does one of the fastest backups using cloud storage services such as Dropbox and Google Drive.

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Beneficial Features of UpdraftPlus:

  • For all of your websites, UpdraftPlus makes a speedy and secure backup. All of this is included in the core plugin for free.
  • Backups and restores are both possible with this plugin. The files can also be manually relocated to other locations or using one of the website’s one-click migration add-ons.
  • UpdraftPlus has one of the most extensive cloud integration lists available. Rackspace Cloud, Openstack Swift, and Microsoft OneDrive are just a few examples.
  • Automatic backups are included in the free edition of the plugin, which is not always the case with migration and backup plugins.
  • It’s feasible to do incremental backups. Multisite networks can be backed up and migrated. Non-WordPress files can be moved to other servers.
  • The Migration extension aids in creating clones and the transfer of files from a local to a live environment.

Reasons To Avoid Updraft Plus:

  • This WordPress migration plugin must be installed on the destination site to transfer a website. So, it necessitates the installation of WordPress on the destination site.


  • UpdraftPlus is, first and foremost, a backup plugin. So, I recommend UpdraftPlus to everyone looking for the greatest backups and the ability to transfer a website.


  • UpdraftPlus is available at $42.00 per year.

But Why Do Website Migrations Matter?

A website hosting migration is a process in which all of your current web pages are moved to new web pages on new hosting without harming your rankings or changing your website’s style.

Note: A perfect migration is when a website is completely transferred to a new host with no apparent changes.

The migration of a website can be complex, especially if you can’t afford to remain offline for an extended amount of time. The most significant holdup is usually getting your website’s DNS registration switched to your new provider, which might take a long time depending on when you start.

Still, website migrations are a fundamental process, accounting for a range of benefits:

  • The relocation of a website aids in the recovery of significant losses
  • Website migration might aid the process of attracting new customers and clients to your website
  • It’s one of the most cost-effective services offered by website building firms
  • It maintains the website’s popularity and prevents it from slipping from its current rank
  • The website migration process takes very little time, which is why most businesses choose it

Move Your Site Safely – WP Migration Plugins To The Rescue!

While there are numerous WordPress migration tools to select from, I urge that you carefully analyze their features as well as my suggestions. Some WordPress relocating plugins aren’t as effective as others. Other plugins are difficult to use, while some also have the potential to fail.

While migrating a WordPress site is not easy, it is doable for users of all skill levels. If you don’t want to use your web host and don’t want to make a manual migration, you can use WordPress migration plugins. These plugins automate the backup and migration of WordPress websites in just a few clicks, saving you the time and effort of doing it manually. So, worry not, there’s a simple alternative to the complex migration process after all!

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