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HostAdvice brings together the combined feedback of thousands of webmasters from around the world, each contributing reviews of their own personal experiences in using different hosting companies for web development, mobile application support, and web publishing. Building on this combination of factors, we have ranked the top 50 web hosting companies based on reviews by actual webmasters, programmers, designers, and developers. Take a moment to read through the best hosting reviews, and find the web host that best meets your specific needs. When you find one that looks appealing, click on the link to learn more about the available web hosting plans. We have reviews written by actual users, as well as our Expert Reviews, which give you valuable insight into the different companies from a practical perspective. Additionally, if you have used any of these web hosting companies personally in development or web publishing, you can add your own thoughts and help our growing webmaster community by sharing your experiences.
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1. FastComet
"Incredible Support" – Sofiane Azzouz
"The best in class in support and services" – Mohamed Raafat
2. A2 Hosting
"A2 Hosting - New Customer" – Dave Filchak
"Technical Support" – Michael Livadiotis
NZ$5.37 – NZ$398.06 120 Days
Amsterdam Singapore Southfield
3. SiteGround
"Amazing Service" – Dawn Nickel
"Just Great" – Jack Bauer
NZ$6.63 – NZ$563.83 30 Days
Chicago London Amsterdam Singapore Milano
4. Hostinger
"Wonderful and Accesible" – Franns Rauda
"Amazing Speed and Awesome control" – Vashishtha Kapoor
NZ$2.95 – NZ$104.07 30 Days
Manchester Sao Paulo Asheville
5. TMDHosting
"Amazing Support" – Masood Raja
"The Best Hosting is TMDHosting" – Tom Engberg
NZ$3.91 – NZ$533.05 60 Days
Chicago Amsterdam Singapore London Sydney Tokyo
6. Host1Plus
"Nice and high-performance" – PU xiaofeng
"Excellent support and great prices!" – Theocharis Skylitsis
NZ$7.13 – NZ$258.99 14 Days
Los Angeles Chicago Sao Paulo Johannesburg Frankfurt am Main
7. Contabo
"So good!!!" – Marvin l
"I Just Love Contabo." – Nyaman Sahu
NZ$5.02 – NZ$184.57 N/A
Munich Nuremberg
8. HostPapa
"Problems resolved in timely manner." – D Richards
"Fast and Fantastic Online Customer Service" – Dan Turner
NZ$5.41 – NZ$150.72 30 Days
United States United Kingdom Canada Australia Mexico
9. GreenGeeks
"Great hosting since 2011" – Susan Bassein
"Great Everything!" – Mark Thurston
NZ$5.43 – NZ$601.56 30 Days
Chicago Phoenix Toronto Amsterdam
10. Cloudways
"Great experience on Cloudways with several we..." – Christopher Perez
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