Max is a 26 year old writer, hosting expert and programmer from Eastern Ukraine. His passions are varied and as well as a love for coding and fine art, Max also adores music, regularly writing his own and playing what he has written on his bass guitar.

Web Hosting Security Guide

Written by: , Jan. 24, 2018
As most contemporary web hosting companies operate under a managed cloud approach, online businesses & web publishers are increasingly reliant on the technical expertise of strangers in a remote environment to keep their data safe, maintain website code integrity, and provide continual network uptime without loss of critical services. Hackers may target an individual website to steal finanContinue

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"Web Hosting Security Guide"

Guide to Cloud Hosting

Written by: , Jan. 15, 2018
Cloud hosting is used to reference a wide range of products and services offered by a data center, but primarily to connote web servers that scale in clusters to support more web traffic by volume than a single hardware unit would normally be able to provide service for under strain. In considering the web hosting requirements of the largest and most popular sites on the web, such as thContinue

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"Guide to Cloud Hosting"

VPS Hosting Guide

Written by: , Sep. 18, 2017
Virtual Private Servers (VPS) use hypervisors to provide bare-metal or operating system level virtualization for hardware partitions to make more efficient use of web server resources in a data center. "Bare-metal" or Type-1 hypervisors are considered to provide better data isolation for security in file storage and will permit a choice of Linux, Windows, BSD, etc. on the operating system. Continue

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"VPS Hosting Guide"

Windows VPS vs. Linux VPS

Written by: , Sep. 8, 2017
VPS hosting plans can be installed with a choice of Windows or Linux operating system to create a custom web server stack environment for software development and operations support of websites or mobile applications in production. Most web hosting companies use OpenStack or CloudStack with KVM virtualization, Citrix Xen Server, Parallels, OpenVZ or Virtuozzo to orchestrate their VPS platforms. Continue

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"Windows VPS vs. Linux VPS"

Wordpress Hosting Guide

Written by: , Aug. 16, 2017
WordPress is the most popular open source content management system in the world for web publishing and most web hosting companies support the basic requirements for installing the script by default. WordPress will run on both Linux and Windows servers with the main requirements being support for the latest versions of MySQL & PHP. Managed WordPress web hosting plans include many cloud platforContinue

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"WordPress Hosting Guide"

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