How to Sell a Domain Name for Profit in 10 Simple Steps

How to Sell a Domain Name for Profit in 10 Simple Steps

Looking to make money with a good domain name?

In this article, we’ll provide you with ten straightforward steps to help you successfully sell your unused domain names. Whether you’re a domain owner looking to make extra cash or an aspiring domain flipper, these instructions will maximize your domain portfolio’s value.

  • Consider a domain broker like GoDaddy Auctions to help reach a wider audience and increase your chances of a successful sale
  • Understand the factors that influence a domain’s worth to set an appropriate selling price
  • Make sure you’re familiar with the domain transfer process, and offer guidance to potential buyers
  • To sell a domain name, pick the best-selling platform that aligns with your domain’s niche and target audience
  • Optimize your pricing strategy to influence potential buyers’ perception of your domain’s value
  • Identify your domain’s niche, set a strategic selling platform, and use psychological pricing for a successful domain sale

How to Sell Domain Name Online: Step-by-Step Guide

The domain name market is thriving with over 350.5 million domain name registrations worldwide as of the first quarter of 2023. And, as the saying goes, some domain names are worth their weight in gold.


Case in point: was recently valued at $872 million.

Now, in the following sections, we’ll guide you through the ten essential steps on how to sell a domain name, and how to help you maximize the potential of your domain name and tap into this lucrative market.

Step 1: Park the Domain Name

Domain parking is a clever strategy where you register a domain name but keep it inactive, without connecting it to any online services. This tactic serves two important purposes: reserving the domain for future use and guarding against potential cybersquatting risks.

What’s intriguing is that certain domain parking services offer an additional perk – the chance to earn revenue by showcasing ads on custom landing pages associated with the parked domains. This practice could prove to be a valuable asset for aspiring domain sellers.

Step 2: Research Recent Comparable Domain Sales

To accurately determine your domain’s value, a crucial step is assessing the current market conditions. Even if you believe your domain holds substantial worth, an oversaturated market with lower-than-expected sales can necessitate a reevaluation or a strategic waiting period.

NameBio is a valuable resource for monitoring recent domain sales, encompassing a comprehensive database with a cumulative value of $1.5 billion. Updated daily, it provides insights into industry trends and the performance of domains similar to yours. You can apply filters based on the domain extension, keywords, length, etc.

Final: How to Sell a Domain Name for Profit in 10 Simple Steps

Step 3: Determine What Your Domain is Worth

Now, you need to determine your domain’s value based on your market research. However, it’s important to remember that your personal estimation might differ from the market value.

You can use platforms like Flippa for assistance, as they evaluate domains using over 40 crucial metrics, encompassing factors like business model, annual profit, age, domain authority, competition, and niche, to provide accurate valuations for various digital assets.

Final: How to Sell a Domain Name for Profit in 10 Simple Steps

Step 4: Decide Where to Buy and Sell the Domain Name

To sell a domain name, you can choose from various options:

Private Sale

You can opt for a direct sale without intermediaries. Create a landing page for your domain, featuring a “domain for sale” message, a domain portfolio, an inquiry form, and contact details. Using a website builder makes the process easy, with templates and a user-friendly visual editor to design your page.

Domain Name Marketplace

Utilize popular domain-selling platforms like Afternic and Efty, known for their integrated escrow services and web traffic. Afternic offers fixed prices or auctions, while Efty focuses on fixed prices and starts at $15/month.

Auction Sites

Consider auction sites to generate interest in your domain. List your domain with a starting price, and the highest bidder becomes the new owner. Sedo is a good option, as they forego their 15% fee if the domain sells below the reserve price. Flippa, known for selling websites, charges a $39 platform fee, and success fees start around 4%.

Domain Name Broker

Professional brokers like MediaOptions and Grit Brokerage can help maximize your sale for high-value domains. These brokers typically work on a commission-only basis, but check their terms and conditions for any upfront fees. Keep in mind that brokers may decline low-value or low-demand domains.

Step 5: Craft Your Listing

Crafting an attention-grabbing domain listing is crucial. Beyond the name and price, emphasize key factors like traffic, established success, and existing authority. Even if your domain is vacant, analyze its analytics to highlight market interest.

Leverage these numbers to showcase potential profitability. Emphasize memorability, especially if it’s a .com domain, as it’s favored by search engines and easy for users to remember, enhancing SEO and user engagement. Stand out from the crowd with a compelling listing.

Step 6: List Your Contact Information on the WHOIS Directory

While some may hesitate to disclose their contact details, there’s a compelling reason to consider forgoing domain privacy when selling. Opting to list your information on platforms like the WHOIS directory or ICANN can greatly expand your reach.

Final: How to Sell a Domain Name for Profit in 10 Simple Steps

These resources enable users to access registration data via the WHOIS and RDAP protocols, offering advanced security and standardized formats.

By exposing your information, you’re essentially casting a wider net, increasing the odds of potential buyers finding you, even if they aren’t actively browsing the marketplace you’ve chosen.

Step 7: List Your Domain for Sale

Now, let’s get your domain listed for sale. It’s akin to placing a “For Sale” sign in front of a house, but in this case, you’ll create a compelling “For Sale” landing page on your domain to attract potential buyers.

Picture this: someone types your domain directly into their web browser. Instead of the typical “page not found” message, they’re greeted by a well-designed landing page announcing the sale of the domain. This provides an excellent opportunity to capture their interest.

If you’re looking for a quick sale, auction sites can be a great choice. Simply create your listing, set a minimum bid, and watch as interested buyers compete to secure your domain, potentially driving the price up. This strategy can lead to a faster turnaround for your sale.

Step 8: Find a Buyer

After creating your listing, take proactive steps to increase your chances of success. Reach out to potential buyers directly through targeted emails or phone calls, especially if you have specific entities or individuals in mind.

Building a lead list through research is crucial. You can also opt for a domain name broker who handles high-end domains, although they work on a commission basis.

Step9 : Use an Escrow Service

Escrow services act as trusted third parties facilitating domain name transactions by connecting buyers and sellers and ensuring both parties agree to the terms.

In simple terms, the buyer will deposit the agreed-upon amount into an escrow account and will receive the domain name once payment is confirmed. Similarly, the seller will access the funds once the buyer acknowledges receiving the domain.

You’ll often have access to a free escrow service when selling on marketplaces or auction sites like Sedo or Afternic. Yet, for direct transactions, you might have to acquire an escrow service independently. Multiple online escrow service providers are accessible, including platforms like

Final: How to Sell a Domain Name for Profit in 10 Simple Steps

Step 10: Transfer the Domain

When the time comes to transfer the domain, make sure you stay on top of the process. Even if you have decided to enlist an escrow service, make sure things are getting done and the process isn’t mismanaged.

With the successful transfer, you can shift your focus to your earnings while the new owner can initiate their migration, hosting, and SEO endeavors.

Best Websites to Sell Domains

Whether you’ve got a single premium domain or a portfolio of valuable assets, the right marketplace can significantly impact your success.

Selling Domain Names on GoDaddy

Selling your domain name on GoDaddy can offer numerous advantages. Their user-friendly platform, robust audience, and additional services make it a solid choice for domain sellers.

While they primarily focus on domain registration and web hosting, GoDaddy’s domain resale marketplace has grown over the years. With a substantial customer base and excellent visibility, it’s an option you should consider.

  • Large customer base increases your domain’s exposure
  • Simple listing process with auction and fixed-price options
  • Trusted brand provides credibility to your listing
  • Transaction fees can be relatively high
  • Competition from numerous other listings on the platform
  • Some users might prefer specialized domain marketplaces for higher-value domains

How Much Does GoDaddy Charge for Selling a Domain?

Starting from February 1, 2023, a new commission structure simplifies the process. It introduces a 15% commission rate for domain names using Afternic, Dan, or Uniregistry nameservers at the point of sale. However, if your domain doesn’t use these nameservers, the commission remains at 25%.

Selling Domain Names on Flippa

Flippa is an online marketplace that facilitates the buying and selling of online businesses, websites, domain names, and mobile apps. Founded in 2009, Flippa has grown to become one of the leading platforms in its niche.

Unlike traditional domain marketplaces, Flippa allows detailed descriptions, appealing to buyers with development ambitions.

Here are the key pros and cons of selling your domain on Flippa:

  • Attracts a different audience for domain sales
  • Ideal for domains with development potential
  • Detailed domain descriptions enhance listings
  • May not be suitable for all domain types
  • Competition with website listings can be distracting

How Much Does Flippa Charge for Selling a Domain?

Flippa operates with a fee structure that combines platform access and success fees. Platform access starts at $39, while success fees begin at 4%. Upgrade options are available for those seeking more comprehensive support and a broader reach.

These upgrades offer additional services to help streamline the domain-selling process.

Selling Domain Names on Brandbucket

BrandBucket is an online marketplace that specializes in curated domain names suitable for branding businesses and products.

Selling a domain name on BrandBucket involves a curated approach, requiring domain approval for listing. Once approved, your domain listing is enriched with a description and a custom-designed logo.

  • Curated marketplace with high-quality listings
  • Professionally designed logos for listed domains
  • Strong focus on branding and visual appeal
  • Exclusive listing on BrandBucket; cannot list elsewhere
  • Listing and success fees apply
  • Limited audience compared to larger domain marketplaces

How Much Does Brandbucket Charge for Selling a Domain?

You can conveniently view the “in your pocket” amount for domain pricing within your admin area. BrandBucket charges a fee structured as follows: 30% for names priced under $10,000 USD, and 25% for names valued between $10,000 USD and $50,000 USD.

Selling Domain Names on Sedo

With over 22 million listed domains, Sedo is the world’s largest trading platform for internet addresses, offering an extensive domain search and inspiration for alternative options.

Here are some key features, pros, and cons:

  • No fees or commissions for domain purchases
  • Free transfer of your purchased domain
  • Secure Transfer Service ensures safe transactions
  • A one-time payment of $69 to hire a broker
  • A 15% commission is charged only if a domain is successfully purchased
  • Free Transfer Service included

How Much Does Sedo Charge for Selling a Domain?

When a domain is sold directly through the Sedo marketplace, they apply a 10% sales fee based on the gross sale price.

Selling a Domain Name on Afternic

Afternic provides a robust platform for selling domain names, catering to both quantity and quality. They offer high-value options and numerous features to facilitate domain sales.

With a vast network of resellers, fast transfer capabilities, and millions of monthly searches, Afternic is a go-to choice for domain sellers.

  • Worldwide distribution through 100+ resellers
  • Approximately 75 million qualified searches each month
  • Support for new gTLDs (generic top-level domains)
  • Access to Sales Acceleration for faster sales and higher average prices
  • Round-the-clock sales support
  • Earn money through their domain parking platform, even while your domain is listed for sale
  • While Afternic offers many benefits, its standard commission on sales is 25% (with a $15 minimum)
  • Lower commissions may be available using GoDaddy Aftermarket-supported nameservers (15% with a $15 minimum)
  • While they cater to quantity and quality, some premium domain sellers may prefer other specialized platforms

How Much Does Aftenic Charge for Selling a Domain?

As of February 1, 2023, Afternic implements the following commission rules for domain sales:

  • For domain sales, a standard commission rate is set at 25% of the Sale Price, with a minimum fee of $15.
  • Domains with primary nameservers directed to GoDaddy Aftermarket Nameservers at the time of the initial purchase and subsequent sale benefit from a reduced commission rate of 15% of the Sale Price, also with a $15 minimum fee

What You Need to Know Before Selling a Domain Name

Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a first-timer looking to sell your domain, understanding the essentials will make your journey to selling your domain name smoother.

Is Your Domain Name Ready to be Sold?

Before diving into selling your domain name, it’s crucial to determine if your domain name meets the criteria for a successful sale. Several conditions must be met to ensure your domain can be sold effectively.

  • Ownership: You must legally own the domain name you intend to sell.
  • Active Registration: Ensure your domain name is currently registered and not expired.
  • Clean Legal History: Ensure the domain name isn’t involved in trademark disputes or legal issues.
  • Transferable Domain: Some domain extensions may have restrictions; verify if your domain can be transferred to a new owner.
  • Marketable Domain: A market demand for your domain’s niche or keywords will increase its sale potential.

Can You Sell a Domain before 60 Days?

Selling a domain name within the first 60 days after initial registration can be challenging due to registrar restrictions. Transfer requests are often denied during this period, and domains subject to a 60-day Change of Registrant lock face limitations as well. These rules aim to provide stability and security in domain transactions.

Is It Profitable to Sell Domain Names?

Selling domain names can be profitable, especially when holding valuable, sought-after domains. Premium domain names, in particular, can fetch substantial prices.

However, success in this market depends on factors such as domain quality, market demand, and effective marketing. It’s possible to generate significant profits, but it’s not guaranteed for every domain name.

How Much Do Domains Usually Sell For?

Domain sales vary widely, with factors like domain quality and demand influencing prices. In rare instances, single domains can sell for millions; for example, sold for $30 million in 2019. Typically, domain sales fall in the three to four-figure range, while premium domains can command six to seven figures.

What Domains Sell for the Most Money?

The most valuable domain names are often short, memorable, and describe their purpose swiftly. Large corporations and businesses invest significantly to secure such domains.

Some of the highest reported domain sales include

  • for $872 million
  • for $49.7 million
  • for $35.6 million

Among others like,, and These sales showcase the premium attached to concise, descriptive domains.

How Hard Is It to Sell a Domain?

Selling a domain can vary in difficulty depending on factors like domain quality, market demand, and effective marketing. While selling premium domains can be relatively easier, others may require time and effort to find the right buyer.

Utilizing domain marketplaces and outreach, understanding market trends, and setting competitive prices can improve the chances of a successful sale.

Is It Easy to Sell Domains on GoDaddy?

Their “List for Sale” service makes selling a domain name on GoDaddy relatively straightforward. You can set a Buy Now price, and once a domain is sold, it quickly transfers to the buyer, simplifying the process.

However, success may still depend on factors like domain quality and pricing strategy. Doing proper research and selecting an attractive Buy Now price can improve your chances of selling domains on GoDaddy.

Final: How to Sell a Domain Name for Profit in 10 Simple Steps

What Is the Easiest Way to Sell a Domain Name?

The simplest method to sell a domain is through a GoDaddy auction, especially with offer/counter offers or a seven-day public auction. These options prevent undervaluing your domain, ensuring you don’t miss out on potentially higher offers.

For added exposure, you can pay extra to feature your domain on GoDaddy’s homepage or category pages, increasing your chances of a successful sale.

How Long Does It Take to Sell a Domain?

The duration to sell a domain varies widely based on factors like the domain’s value, market demand, and pricing. On average, it might take around 29 months, as reported by the median listing time for sold domains.

However, exceptionally valuable or in-demand domains can sell within a few days, highlighting the unpredictability in the domain-selling process. Success often hinges on correctly assessing your domain’s worth and being open to offers.

Tips for Selling Domain Names for Profit

Are you eager to profit from selling domain names? It’s crucial to employ effective strategies to ensure successful sales. Here are some valuable tips to guide you:

  • Identify Niche Relevance: Determine your domain’s industry niche to attract more relevant buyers.
  • Choose the Right Platform: Use specialized marketplaces like Afternic or Sedo for higher visibility.
  • Employ Psychological Pricing: Price domains just below round numbers for added appeal.
  • Enhance Domain SEO: Optimize your domain with relevant keywords.
  • Craft a Professional Listing: Create detailed, attractive listings to attract serious buyers.
  • Develop Negotiation Skills: Be open to reasonable offers and communicate professionally.
  • Market Across Channels: Promote your domain through social media, email marketing, and domain forums.
  • Offer Financing Options: Facilitate domain acquisition through financing.
  • Stay Informed: Monitor market trends to adjust your strategy.
  • Consider Leasing: Generate income by leasing your domain if you’re not ready to sell.

These strategies will help you maximize your profits and enhance your domain-selling experience.

Final Word

Mastering how to sell a domain name involves careful planning, market research, and effective strategies. Understanding your domain’s niche, choosing the right selling platform, and employing psychological pricing can increase your chances of success.

Don’t forget to optimize SEO, create professional listings, and stay updated on market trends. Whether you’re selling a single domain name or building a domain portfolio, these tips can lead to profitable domain sales.

To explore more valuable insights, browse our best website builders and best web hosting recommendations.

Next Steps: What Now?

Learn More About Selling a Domain Name

Frequently Asked Questions

How profitable is domain flipping?

Domain flipping can be profitable when done effectively. It involves buying domains at lower prices and selling them at a higher value. While some domains can yield substantial profits, success depends on factors like domain quality, market demand, and selling skills.

High-value sales are less frequent, but with persistence and good strategy, domain flipping can generate a steady income or substantial one-time gains.

Is domain flipping difficult?

Domain flipping can be challenging. It involves identifying valuable domain names, determining their worth, and marketing them effectively. Success often relies on understanding market trends and utilizing domain brokers to find buyers.

Assessing the value of your domain accurately and navigating negotiations can be complex. It may require patience, research, and skills in the domain industry to maximize profits.

What is the best way to sell domain names?

The best way to sell domain names involves identifying your domain’s niche, selecting a strategic selling platform, setting a competitive price, and considering the assistance of a domain broker.

Craft an attractive listing, market your domain name effectively, and offer excellent customer service to potential buyers. Choose the right platform, consider marketing enhancements, and be patient throughout the process.

What are some effective tips for selling domains?

If you want to know how to sell a domain name successfully, start by identifying the domain’s niche, choose the right selling platform, use strategic pricing, and consider the option of using a domain broker. Creating an appealing listing, marketing your domain, and providing excellent customer service are also essential steps in the process.

Should I sell my domain or let it expire?

Whether to sell your domain or let it expire depends on its value and your intentions. Valuable domains should be sold to maximize returns, either through auctions, marketplaces, or private sales.

However, if the domain has little worth and you have no plans for it, allowing it to expire is cost-effective. Weigh the potential gains against renewal expenses before deciding.

Where can I sell my domain name for free?

If you want to sell your domain name for free, you should look into platforms like Facebook, X, or domain name forums. These options allow you to connect with potential buyers directly without any listing or commission fees.

Utilizing social media and online communities can be a cost-effective way to market your domain and attract potential buyers when learning how to sell a domain name for free.

How do I value my domain name?

To determine your domain’s value, consider factors like its length, keyword relevance, extension, and market demand. Research recent domain sales and consult appraisal tools. Domain names with popular keywords, shorter length, and common extensions like .com tend to be more valuable.

You can also seek professional appraisals or consult domain brokers for a more accurate valuation when determining how to sell a domain name for the best price.

How can I use an escrow service to sell my domain?

Using an escrow service to sell your domain is a secure way to complete the transaction. Once you and the buyer agree on the terms, the domain is transferred to the escrow service. The buyer submits payment to the escrow, and once both parties fulfill their obligations, the domain is released to the buyer. This ensures a smooth and safe domain sale process.

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