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Register .fo Domain – Complete Guide 2024

Register .fo Domain – Complete Guide 2024 blog image

What is .fo Domain?

The .fo domain is the country code top-level domain for the Faroe Islands. This domain was first introduced on May 14, 1993. In July 1988, .fo got recognition for being indeed Faroese, and since then, there have been over 7,500 websites with this domain.

In Which Scenarios Should You Use the .fo Domain?

The most common usage for country code top-level domains (ccTLDs) is internationalizing your website content. More precisely, a ccTLD is the most crucial link for the search engine to acknowledge that your content is related to a particular country. Therefore, you should use the .fo domain for:

  • Introducing an online business on the Faroe Islands
  • Targeting Faroese audience and market
  • Promote any type of online business you have (blogging, tourism, eCommerce)


To register .fo domain name, you need to make sure that you’re not violating any Danish brand names or companies that are located in the Faroe Islands. If necessary, the .fo registry may request a copy of the trademark or even a Danish patent.

However, you can still register a domain name without trademark documentation. You’ll just need to wait 30 days, and if you’re not infringing the rights of the trademark holders, you’ll become eligible to register the desired domain.

Although individual applicants can register .fo domain website, the likelihood of a successful registration is bigger if you have a registered trademark.

If a foreigner wants to register .fo domain, they need to prove they have a registered company or provide a form of identification, such as a passport number.

The .fo registry also requires submitting your V-number, which is the Faroe Islands’ ID card number or your birth date. On top of that, you’ll also need to state the intended name servers you’ll use for your domain.

How to Register .fo Domain?

In order to register .fo domain, you need to comply with all Faroe Islands’ regulations. Then open the .fo registry or find another registry that offers .fo domain names, check whether your preferred domain is available on WhoIs Lookup, and buy .fo domain.

Steps on How to Buy .fo Domain

  1. Prepare required documents – a Faroese V-number (ID card number) for Faroe Islands’ citizens or a passport number or company registration proof for foreigners.
  2. For people who don’t live in the Faroe Islands – Partner with a reliable company or individual that meets the registering requirements for buying the domain for them. Also, you can go for a Trustee Service that is located in the Faroe Islands.
  3. If you don’t want to do the registration via the .fo registry, find a reliable company that offers .fo domains.
  4. Add the domain to your cart and make the purchase. Once you do this, you’ll receive an URL of your website and become the unique owner of your desired .fo domain.
  5. When the domain goes online, you need to ensure it is safe. To achieve top-notch protection, you can implement different domain privacy measures, two-factor authentication, limiting access, and domain status notifications. As a result, you’ll provide the best protection layer for your domain name system (DNS).

Regulations Hack

Although foreigners are eligible to buy .fo domain names, you still need to be careful. Of course, you can find a friend or acquaintance who lives in the Faroe Islands and register the domain for you. But that’s not the only solution.

You can also go for a Trustee Service in the Faroe Islands, which will take care of the registration in a legal way. However, you need to be careful not to choose a domain name that will get you into a lawsuit with other companies because of trademark rights.

More precisely, Vans is accusing Walmart of engaging in a campaign to knock off virtually all of its bestselling shoes. Therefore, even if you try to create a website that only has an existing brand name in it, for example,, you’ll face allegations of stealing the brand name.

Our Recommended Places to Register

The first on our list for registering a .fo domain is GoDaddy. This is the largest domain registrar in the world that comes with advanced security features, such as DNSSEC, which Norid recommends. Your domain will get free lifetime privacy, 24/7 customer support, and real-time monitoring.

Next, you can also go for 101domain. 101domain connects you to the world by providing a vast selection of domains, including .fo ones. This company comes with a custom email address, personal customer service, web hosting, and free forwarding. The best part is that the .fo registry accredits it.

Lastly, we have Namecheap. This service provides low-cost domain registration, numerous domains, and a straightforward registration process. Therefore, you can buy .fo domain in no time!

Perfect Partners for Your .fo Domain

Hosting – registering a .fo domain is just one step in launching your website. Another thing you must have is a web hosting provider that will boost its performance and increase your page traffic. As there are many businesses, you will need to find the best one for your website. That’s why you should check out this page and find the best provider that will support your needs.

SSL Protection – Google and other search engines consider domains without SSL protection risky. That said, you may face a lower ranking, affecting your online presence. Luckily, you can now get a free SSL certificate from a web host or a third party.

Premium DNS – DDoS attacks are common hacker attacks that endanger your online safety. Due to this, you need to avoid them by purchasing a premium DNS for your domain that will have DDoS attack prevention.

Private Email – Private emails are crucial for businesses as they make them appear more professional. It’s best if you include your domain name in your email address. Also, personal emails are safer than other services, such as Yahoo, Hotmail, or Outlook.

Domain Information for .fo

Minimum Registration Period1 year
Maximum Registration Period10 years
Minimum Renewal Period1 year
Maximum Renewal Period10 years
Is Domain Privacy SupportedYES
Are IDN Domains SupportedNo
Is RegistrarLock SupportedNo
Is DNSSEC Supported Yes
ICANN fee$0.18

Popular .fo Domains

Here you can find some of the most popular .fo domains:

  • (Ahref’s rank: 1.8) – is an education administration program that helps people gain more knowledge and inspiration.
  • (Ahref’s rank: 15) – is the leading shipping agency that offers many services for sea vessels that enter Faroese waters.
  • (Ahref’s rank: 12) – is a website for the best painting Faroese products.

.fo Domain Alternatives

.fo is the only ccTLD for the Faroe Islands, so you can’t get a different domain extension. However, you can go for international TLDs that work everywhere, such as:

.com – Register your site with the most popular domain name extension, .com.

.net – Enter the online world with .net, the second most common domain name extension.

.org – Another alternative is .org, the third most common extension.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is .fo domain?

The .fo domain is the country code top-level domain for the Faroe Islands. You can use this domain if you want to internationalize your professional website, target a Faroese audience, and promote your business only in the Faroese market.

When was the .fo domain first launched?

The .fo domain was first introduced on May 14, 1993. However, it received its Faroese recognition earlier in July 1988.

What documents do you need to register .fo domain?

To register .fo domain, you need a V-number if you live in the Faroe Islands. This is the ID card number. However, if you’re a foreigner, you need to have a passport number that you should submit in your registration.

Can I somehow bypass the .fo registering regulations?

Yes, you can bypass them. However, it’s not recommendable as you may get yourself in legal trouble. But you can either ask a friend who lives there to register your domain, or you can go for a Trustee Service. Keep in mind not to infringe trademark regulations.

What is the best company for registering .fo domain besides the official registry?

The best company for registering your .fo domain is GoDaddy, as it offers free lifetime privacy, 24/7 customer support, and real-time monitoring. You will also get your domain for a very affordable price.

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