Popular Ecommerce Products to Sell in Your Online Store

25 Popular eCommerce Products to Sell Online

25 Popular eCommerce Products to Sell Online blog image

Popular eCommerce products are top-selling online items from different categories like electronics and clothing. Accessible through websites or apps, these items showcase digital marketplace trends, offering convenience without physical store visits.

In this article, we will explore some of these products, their characteristics, how to pick the best ones, and how to sell online.

  • The main attribute of popular eCommerce products is the ability to meet consumer needs, adapting to technological trends, lifestyle changes, and convenience
  • Video games, accessories, smartphone gear, pet products, and fashion accessories are some of the most popular eCommerce products in the whole world
  • Seasonal trends, global market, and consumer demands are responsible for determining which products become popular

Top 25 Trending eCommerce Products to Sell in Your Online Store

Let’s analyze 25 trending eCommerce products that are not only popular but are the highest-selling items online, being great picks for your eCommerce success.

Product #1: Video Games

Video Games

Source: Amazon.com

Video games range from action-packed adventures to strategic simulations, appealing to a wide audience.

With technological advancements, game developers continue to push boundaries, creating visually stunning and immersive experiences.

The ever-growing online gaming community guarantees a constant demand for new titles and updates.

eCommerce benefits from the gaming industry’s dynamism, as gamers regularly seek the convenience of online shopping to access the latest releases and gaming gear.

Product #2: Video Game Accessories

Video Game Accessories

Source: Amazon.com

Video game accessories are essential for the gaming experience.

They include controllers with customizable features, high-quality headsets, precision gaming mice, and ergonomic keyboards.

Gamers are constantly seeking ways to improve their performance, enhance immersion, and enjoy comfortable, long gaming sessions.

Video game accessories cater to these needs, making them trendy and popular.

Product #3: Smartphone Accessories

Smartphone Accessories

Source: Amazon.com

Smartphones have become an integral part of our daily lives.

From iPhones to Android devices, consumers are deeply attached to their smartphones.

With the variety of smartphone models available, the demand for accessories is on the rise.

Smartphone accessories include cases in various designs, screen protectors, wireless chargers, and more.

These products aim to personalize and protect mobile devices, offering a blend of style and functionality.

Product #4: Pet Products

Pet Products

Source: Amazon.com

Pet products include a wide range of items designed to take care of our beloved animals.

These products consist of pet food, toys, clothing, and accessories that contribute to the well-being and happiness of pets.

Pet owners are passionate about providing the best for their furry friends, leading to a continuous demand for innovative and high-quality pet products.

Product #5: Fashion Accessories

Fashion Accessories

Source: Amazon.com

Fashion is an ever-evolving world where individuals seek fresh ways to express their unique style, which are always hot products in online retail.

Fashion accessories also play a role in this quest for self-expression. These accessories include jewelry, hats, belts, scarves, sunglasses, and more.

They are versatile pieces that allow people to update their look without a complete wardrobe overhaul.

Product #6: Health and Wellness Supplements

Health and Wellness Supplements

Source: Amazon.com

Health and wellness supplements range from vitamins and minerals to protein powders and herbal supplements.

People are increasingly health-conscious and are looking for ways to boost their well-being.

The supplement industry is booming because it meets various health needs, from improving immunity to supporting fitness goals.

Online platforms provide a broad customer base, where you can offer a diverse selection of supplements to meet different requirements.

Product #7: Home Office Furniture

Home Office Furniture

Source: Amazon.com

With the rise of remote work and flexible work arrangements, home office furniture has become a must-have for many people.

Products like ergonomic chairs, height-adjustable desks, and storage solutions have witnessed a surge in demand.

People want comfortable and functional workspaces in their homes to boost productivity.

Setting up a niche eCommerce store focusing on home office furniture allows you to take advantage of the growing work-from-home trend.

Product #8: Sustainable and Eco-Friendly Products

Sustainable and Eco-Friendly Products

Source: Amazon.com

Sustainability is a global trend that is here to stay.

Consumers are more conscious of their environmental footprint and are seeking eco-friendly products.

These include reusable shopping bags, solar-powered gadgets, bamboo toothbrushes, and many more. Eco-friendly items are trendy because they help reduce waste and promote a greener planet.

eCommerce is a perfect platform to promote and sell sustainable products. Focusing on such products aligns with the values of eco-conscious consumers and contributes to sustainability.

Product #9: Home Gym Equipment

Home Gym Equipment

Source: Amazon.com

Fitness and health are concerns for many people, and home gym equipment has become a hot commodity.

Products such as dumbbells, resistance bands, yoga mats, and treadmills are sought after by individuals looking to stay fit from the comfort of their homes.

The convenience of having a home gym is a significant driving force behind this trend.

Shoppers looking to create their home workout spaces appreciate the accessibility and variety that online stores provide.

Product #10: Beauty and Skincare Products

Beauty and Skincare Products

Source: Amazon.com

Beauty and skincare products remain ever-popular, offering a range of cosmetics, creams, serums, and grooming items.

People of all genders are conscious of self-care, and the beauty industry is continually evolving with new trends.

The desire to look and feel one’s best drives the demand for these products.

Shoppers often seek personalized solutions, and online retailers can provide a vast selection. Creating an online store with a focus on beauty and skincare allows customers to explore various brands and products, improving their self-care routines.

Product #11: Smart Home Devices

Smart Home Devices

Source: Amazon.com

Smart home devices are taking over households worldwide.

Products like smart thermostats, voice assistants, and automated lighting systems have become incredibly popular.

They make everyday tasks easier and provide convenience and control over our living spaces.

Selling smart home devices online is a smart ecommerce choice. These products appeal to tech-savvy house owners who want to create more efficient and connected homes.

Product #12: Outdoor and Adventure Gear

Outdoor and Adventure Gear

Source: Amazon.com

As more people embrace outdoor activities and adventure, the demand for outdoor gear like hiking boots, tents, and camping equipment is on the rise.

People are seeking quality products for their outdoor escapades, from camping in the woods to embarking on thrilling hikes.

Enthusiasts can browse online stores to find the right equipment for their outdoor hobbies. Setting up an eCommerce store specializing in outdoor and adventure gear helps people gear up for their next adventure.

Product #13: Personalized Gifts and Custom Merchandise

Personalized Gifts and Custom Merchandise

Source: Etsy.com

Personalized gifts and custom merchandise are in vogue.

Items like custom-made jewelry, monogrammed clothing, and personalized photo gifts make special occasions more memorable.

People enjoy the personal touch that these products bring to their gift-giving experiences.

Online shoppers can easily place orders for unique items to mark important moments in their lives.

Running an online store specializing in customization allows you to provide heartfelt gifts to diverse tastes and occasions.

Product #14: Handmade and Artisanal Crafts

Handmade and Artisanal Crafts

Source: Amazon.com

Handmade and artisanal crafts hold a special place in the hearts of many.

These products, including handcrafted jewelry, pottery, and artwork, offer uniqueness and a touch of creativity.

People appreciate the craftsmanship and individuality these items bring. Creating an online store for handmade crafts allows you to connect artists and craftspeople with appreciative customers.

Product #15: Arts and Crafts Supplies

Arts and Crafts Supplies

Source: Etsy.com

Arts and crafts supplies are highly popular among people who enjoy creative hobbies.

These products include sketchbooks, paint sets, knitting supplies, and DIY craft kits.

With a growing community of crafters and artists, these supplies are continually in demand.

eCommerce businesses specializing in arts and crafts supplies appeal to the creative aspirations of people who enjoy making their own art and handmade items, especially after pandemics.

Product #16: Wireless Earbuds

Wireless Earbuds

Source: Amazon.com

Wireless earbuds have revolutionized the way we listen to music and take calls on the go.

Their popularity has surged thanks to the convenience they offer, with no tangled wires and easy pairing with smartphones.

People are drawn to the high-quality audio they provide and the desire for a cable-free listening experience.

Online stores that stock a variety of brands and models can attract consumers looking for the latest in audio technology, whether it’s for enhancing workouts, making calls, or simply enjoying music without the hassle of cords.

Product #17: Home Organization Solutions

Home Organization Solutions

Source: Amazon.com

As more people embrace minimalism and decluttering, home organization products have gained momentum.

These items include storage bins, closet organizers, and modular furniture to keep living spaces tidy.

With an increasing focus on efficient living and maximizing space, eCommerce businesses can benefit from providing a wide range of home organization solutions.

The appeal of a well-organized living space is universal, and eCommerce platforms can help customers find the perfect storage solutions to meet their needs and preferences.

Product #18: Handheld Massagers

Handheld Massagers

Source: Amazon.com

Handheld massagers have become popular for their ability to relieve muscle tension and promote relaxation. They meet the growing interest in self-care and wellness.

eCommerce stores can offer an array of handheld massagers, targeting individuals seeking relief from stress, muscle discomfort, or simply wanting to unwind after a long day.

In a busy world, people are increasingly looking for ways to de-stress and rejuvenate in the comfort of their homes, making handheld massagers a trending product for eCommerce stores.

Product #19: Resistance Training Bands

Resistance Training Bands

Source: Amazon.com

Resistance training bands have become popular in the fitness world.

These versatile bands offer a convenient way to incorporate strength training into workouts, whether at home or the gym.

By offering various resistance levels, you can appeal to a wide audience looking to improve their fitness and strength.

Product #20: Adult Coloring Books

Adult Coloring Books

Source: Amazon.com

Adult coloring books have gained popularity as a therapeutic and creative outlet.

Many adults find coloring to be a relaxing activity that helps reduce stress, improve focus, and unleash their artistic side.

eCommerce businesses can take advantage of this trend by providing a selection of complex coloring books and high-quality coloring materials.

Product #21: Smartwatches


Source: Amazon.com

Smartwatches have become must-have gadgets for tech fans.

They offer a range of features, from fitness tracking to notifications and even phone calls.

Their popularity continues to grow as people seek convenient ways to stay connected and track their health and activities.

eCommerce platforms can tap into this trend by offering a variety of smartwatches meeting different preferences and budgets.

Product #22: Travel Accessories

Travel Accessories

Source: Amazon.com

Travel accessories are essential for tourists looking for convenience and comfort during their adventures.

These items include travel pillows, packing cubes, power adapters, and compact luggage scales.

From staying comfortable during long flights to organizing their luggage efficiently, customers are looking for products that make their travel experiences more enjoyable.

Offering these travel essentials can help your online business tap into the wanderlust of today’s explorers.

Product #23: Educational Toys

Educational Toys

Source: Amazon.com

Educational toys are in high demand as parents seek toys that not only entertain but also help develop their children’s skills.

These toys span a wide range, from building blocks to science kits and puzzles.

With more parents recognizing the importance of education at an early age, there’s a constant need for these toys.

Online stores can offer a diverse selection that covers various age groups and learning areas, ensuring they remain a top choice for parents seeking quality educational products.

Product #24: Plant-Based Foods

Plant-Based Foods

Source: Amazon.com

Plant-based foods are experiencing a significant turn in popularity as more people opt for vegetarian or vegan diets.

These products include plant-based meat alternatives, dairy-free milk, and various meatless meals.

With increasing awareness of health and sustainability, consumers are seeking these alternatives. Online stores can enter in this expanding market, offering plant-based options for different dietary preferences.

Product #25: Premium Tea and Coffee Blends

Premium Tea and Coffee Blends

Source: Amazon.com

Tea and coffee enthusiasts often seek high-quality and unique blends to elevate their daily rituals.

Premium tea and coffee blends offer a diverse range of flavors and aromas, appealing to the refined tastes of beverage connoisseurs.

eCommerce businesses specializing in premium tea and coffee have the opportunity to delight customers with a curated selection of exquisite blends.

Online platforms allow these products to reach a broader audience, including those passionate about their morning cup or afternoon tea.

How to Find Trending Products for Your Online Store

Step 1: Explore Niche Social Media Groups

Join niche-specific social media groups and forums to engage in discussions and find emerging product demands.

These specialized communities are excellent sources for understanding the needs and desires of a specific audience, making it easier to anticipate online shopping trends based on their discussions and preferences.

Step 2: Conduct Customer Surveys

Gather valuable insights by conducting customer surveys.

These surveys can provide direct feedback from your existing customers, helping you identify their unmet needs and product preferences.

By analyzing this data, you can take advantage of trends and develop products that meet your customers’ demands.

Step 3: Collaborate with Influencers

Partner with influencers who align with your niche.

Influencers can help you reach a wider audience and introduce your unique or underrated products to their followers.

Their influence can give you a glimpse into emerging trends as they are often early adopters of products that resonate with their audience.

Step 4: Attend Trade Shows

Participate in industry trade shows and expos to gain early access to upcoming products and trends.

These events can offer a firsthand look at products before they hit the mainstream market, allowing you to anticipate trends and stay ahead of the curve.

Step 5: Utilize Trend Aggregator Tools

Use online trend aggregator tools like Trend Hunter, Springwise, or Cool Hunting.

These platforms aggregate innovative and emerging product ideas, offering you metrics and making it easier to spot unique trends before they become widespread.

Step 6: Analyze Kickstarter Projects

Keep an eye on crowdfunding platforms like Kickstarter and Indiegogo to identify promising products that are gaining traction.

These platforms can reveal innovative ideas that may become more significant in the future.

Step 7: Support Local Artisans and Craftsmen

Consider supporting local artisans and craftsmen who create one-of-a-kind products.

By collaborating with them, you can offer unique and locally sourced items in your online store, setting your business apart and creating trends by yourself.

What Determines the Popularity of eCommerce Products?

The popularity of eCommerce products depends on:

  1. Seasonal Trends: Products related to holidays or specific seasons can become popular during certain times of the year. For example, people buy winter coats in winter and swimwear in summer.
  2. Global Events: Major events like the Olympics, World Cup, or a global pandemic can impact product popularity.
  3. Consumer Demand: Products that meet the current needs and desires of consumers tend to be more popular. For example, during a health crisis, products like face masks and sanitizers gained immense popularity.
  4. Marketing and Promotion: Effective digital marketing and promotion strategies impact a product’s popularity. Well-executed advertising and social media campaigns can boost product visibility and sales online.
  5. Pricing and Discounts: Competitive pricing and attractive discounts make products more attractive to consumers. Limited-time offers and sales events also often drive popularity.
  6. Customer Reviews and Ratings: Positive reviews and high ratings from customers tend to increase a product’s reputation.
  7. Trends and Fads: Staying updated on the latest trends helps you to identify products that are gaining popularity.
  8. Market Saturation: In some cases, a product might become less popular if the market becomes oversaturated with similar offerings.
  9. Economic Factors: Economic conditions, such as recessions or economic booms, can influence consumer spending and product popularity.

Tips for Identifying Which Products Will Successfully Sell Online

Tip 1: Conduct Thorough Market Research

The first step in identifying products with the potential for successful online sales is market research.

Use online tools, surveys, and forums to gauge consumer demand.

Look for products that people are searching for and discussing online. Google Trends, for example, can provide insights into the popularity of certain search terms, helping you spot rising trends.

This initial research helps you understand what products are currently sought after.

Tip 2: Know Your Target Audience

Understanding your target audience is essential when selecting products for your online store.

Consider demographics, interests, and shopping behaviors.

Knowing who your customers are and what they want allows you to align your product selection with their preferences.

For example, if your target audience is fitness enthusiasts, you might focus on fitness equipment, activewear, or dietary supplements.

Tip 3: Offer Unique or Niche Products

One effective eCommerce strategy for success in ecommerce is to offer unique or niche products that stand out in the market.

Identifying a unique selling point (USP) for your products can set your online store apart from the competition.

This USP could be a distinctive feature, high-quality materials, or a unique design.

The goal is to make your products more appealing to potential customers and drive sales through differentiation.

Tip 4: Consider Seasonal and Trend-Based Products

To maximize your sales potential, consider offering products that align with seasonal demand and current trends.

Certain products experience spikes in popularity during specific seasons or holidays.

For example, winter clothing, holiday decorations, and outdoor grilling equipment tend to sell well during their respective seasons.

Being attentive to these trends and adapting your product offerings accordingly can boost sales.

Tip 5: Analyze Profit Margins and Costs

It’s important to analyze the financial aspects of your product selection.

Calculate your profit margins by considering both the cost of goods sold (COGS) and other expenses like shipping, storage, and advertising.

While selling high-end luxury items might yield better profits, it’s also important to consider the initial investment required.

For beginners, products with reasonable margins and manageable expenses may be a more practical choice.

Tip 6: Choose Between Dropshipping and Inventory

When selecting products for your online store, decide whether to manage your inventory or use dropshipping.

Dropshipping can be an excellent choice for beginners, as it eliminates the need for storing products and handling shipping. You can focus on marketing and customer service.

However, if you opt to maintain inventory, consider the storage requirements and choose products that are easy to manage.

Tip 7: Test Your Product Ideas

Before fully committing to a product, it’s advisable to test your ideas.

You can create a limited quantity of the product or launch a pre-order campaign to analyze interest.

Additionally, you can engage potential customers through surveys or focus groups to collect feedback. This preliminary testing phase reduces risks and prevents potential financial losses.

Tip 8: Ensure Legal Compliance

Maintaining legal compliance is essential when choosing products to sell online.

Make sure that your selected products adhere to all relevant laws and regulations.

Selling products that are unsafe or not allowed can lead to legal issues and harm your business’s reputation.

Carefully research the legal requirements for each product category you plan to sell to avoid potential pitfalls.

Tip 9: Listen to Customer Feedback and Adapt

Once your online store is up and running, it is important to pay close attention to customer feedback. Actively listen to your customers and consider their suggestions and requests.

Customer feedback is a valuable resource for enhancing your product offerings, improving customer satisfaction, and growing your business. By adapting to customer needs and preferences, your eCommerce can build long-term success.

Challenges in Finding Popular eCommerce Products

Challenges in finding popular eCommerce products often include:

  • Market Competition: Identifying products that stand out in a crowded market.
  • Trend Dynamics: Staying updated with rapidly shifting consumer trends.
  • Supplier Reliability: Finding trustworthy suppliers to maintain product quality.
  • Inventory Management: Efficiently handling stock to prevent overstock or shortages.
  • Marketing Strategy: Effectively promoting products in a highly competitive online space

What Are the Best-Selling eCommerce Products Right Now?

Some of the best-selling eCommerce products currently include:

  • Apple iPhone 14/15 Pro Max: Apple’s latest flagship smartphone, known for its advanced camera capabilities, powerful performance, and stunning design.
  • Apple AirPods Pro: Premium wireless earbuds with noise-canceling technology, offering high-quality audio for music and calls.
  • Instant Pot Duo Crisp Pressure Cooker: A versatile kitchen appliance that combines multiple functions, including pressure cooking, air frying, and more, making it a go-to choice for cooking enthusiasts.
  • iRobot Roomba i3+: A robot vacuum that uses smart technology for automated cleaning and emptying its dustbin, simplifying home maintenance.
  • Nintendo Switch: A popular gaming console that offers both handheld and TV modes, making it versatile for gamers of all ages.
  • Sony WH-1000XM4: Noise-canceling headphones celebrated for their sound quality and comfort, perfect for music lovers and those working from home.
  • Fitbit Charge 5: A fitness tracker with advanced health and wellness features, ideal for individuals focused on maintaining an active lifestyle.
  • Nike Air Force 1: Iconic sneakers known for their classic design and comfort, appealing to fashion-conscious consumers.
  • Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade: A popular beauty product for defining eyebrows and enhancing one’s makeup routine.
  • SkinCeuticals C E Ferulic Serum: A high-end skincare product known for its anti-aging benefits, containing antioxidants and vitamins for skin health.

What Categories of Products Sell Best on eCommerce Platforms?

Categories that consistently perform well when you start selling products online include electronics, home and living products, fashion items, and health and wellness goods.

Electronics, from the latest smartphones to smart home devices, enjoy a broad customer base.

Home and living products, including everything from furniture to décor, attract consumers seeking to improve their living spaces.

Fashion items, including clothing, footwear, and accessories, remain in demand as consumers seek to express their style, while health and wellness goods, from supplements to fitness equipment, align with the growing focus on well-being.

How Do I Source Popular Products for My Online Store?

To source popular products for your online store, you can collaborate with wholesale suppliers who offer a range of products at competitive prices.

Alternatively, explore the world of dropshipping, which allows you to sell products without stocking inventory.

If you’re creative, you can even create your products, offering unique items that stand out in the market.

The choice depends on your niche, budget, and business model, so carefully evaluate which sourcing method aligns with your goals.

How Can I Validate the Demand for a Product Before Adding It to My Online Store?

Begin by conducting thorough market research to understand your target audience.

Utilize tools like Google Trends to assess the popularity of related search terms over time.

Keep a close eye on Amazon’s Best Sellers list to spot emerging trends and run surveys and collect customer feedback to analyze interest.

Finally, test small-scale marketing campaigns to measure customer response.

What Tools Can Help Identify Popular eCommerce Products?

Among the tools for identifying popular eCommerce products, Google Trends provides insights into search trends over time, revealing which products are gaining interest.

On the other hand, Amazon’s Best Sellers list highlights what’s currently popular on the world’s largest eCommerce platform.

Dedicated eCommerce product research tools, such as Jungle Scout and Helium 10, also offer detailed data to help you make informed decisions about product selection.

How Often Do the Trends in Popular eCommerce Products Change?

The frequency of trend changes in popular eCommerce products varies. Some products experience changes in popularity more frequently, sometimes weekly, depending on factors like seasons, holidays, or significant global events.

Others remain consistent over longer periods, reflecting enduring consumer preferences.

How to Keep Up with Consumer Preferences in eCommerce?

To stay current with consumer preferences in eCommerce, maintain a proactive approach.

Continuously monitor market trends to identify shifts in consumer preferences, as we just suggested.

Also subscribe to industry newsletters and publications for up-to-date insights, while actively seeking feedback from your customers to understand their evolving needs and desires.

Finally, engage with eCommerce communities, both online and offline, to exchange ideas and stay connected with industry experts.


Now that you learned the best products to sell online and understand how to improve your eCommerce business ideas, it is time to build a strong structure to sell them.

Finally, consider picking one of the companies we have selected for you on our list of Best eCommerce Platforms and Best eCommerce Platforms.

Next Steps: What Now?

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Frequently Asked Questions

What products are best for eCommerce?

The best products often include consumer electronics, fashion items, health and wellness products, home and living goods, and niche items. For example, electronics like smartphones and laptops have constant appeal, while fitness products, including supplements and fitness equipment, take advantage of the well-being trend.

What are the most commonly bought items online?

The most commonly purchased items online are consumer electronics, clothing, shoes, books, and home and living products. These items offer convenience, variety, and often competitive prices, making them online products in high demand.

What will people buy the most in 2024?

Consumer electronics will likely remain profitable online products, with advancements in tech, while sustainable and eco-friendly products may see an uptick as environmental concerns grow. Finally, online learning tools might see an increase, reflecting the evolving educational market, from primary education to lifelong learning programs.

What is the most profitable thing to sell on the Internet?

Some categories have a high demand and are considered the most profitable online. For example, electronics often offer good profit margins due to their demand and technological advancements. On the other hand, high-end fashion and accessories can yield substantial profits for those targeting luxury markets.

What type of products sell best on Amazon?

Products that sell best on Amazon include consumer electronics, home and kitchen items, fashion, books, and beauty products.

For example, home and kitchen products (ranging from appliances to cookware) offer daily utility, while books, both physical and digital formats, remain popular. Beauty products, from skincare to cosmetics, also shine because of their recurrent customer base and are great choices for your digital inventory.

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