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Customer score for Afrihost

  • Reliability
    4.4 / 10
  • Pricing
    5.5 / 10
  • User Friendly
    4.6 / 10
  • Support
    4.3 / 10
  • Features
    4.8 / 10

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Hosting Customer Service

Regarding Hosting - Best customer service I have ever received.
Roxanne Kloppers

Published on Jan. 7, 2018
  • Reliability 10
  • Pricing 10
  • User Friendly 10
  • Support 10
  • Features 10

Appaling at everything

The hosting center falls off the face of the internet at random times for about six minutes each time. Their staff also manage to ... Read More
Priest Ramirez

Published on May 19, 2018
  • Reliability 2.0
  • Pricing 6.0
  • User Friendly 4.0
  • Support 2.0
  • Features 4.0

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Leonard Makuvaza
South Africa
  • Reliability 2.0
  • Pricing 6.0
  • User Friendly 6.0
  • Support 6.0
  • Features 6.0

Afrihost \

Service used: Dedicated Server
Warning do not do any business with this guys, an unprofessional lot! Made an order after delivery time have passed I have to follow up and I am told they are still waiting for my sim card and they have no idea when they can deliver the router and the sim!
Problem resolved
Marinus de Bruyne
South Africa
  • Reliability 2.0
  • Pricing 4.0
  • User Friendly 2.0
  • Support 2.0
  • Features 6.0

Pathetic Service

Service used: Resellers
My service from Afrihost has been down since yesterday. Been trying to get them on the phone without any success. The have 24/7 support, between the hours 8h00 & 20h00 (duuuhhh). The y offer live chat, but all the possible dep...Read More
Claudio Santos
  • Reliability 2.0
  • Pricing 2.0
  • User Friendly 2.0
  • Support 2.0
  • Features 2.0

S**t Hosting - Zero Accountability for Uptime

Service used: Cloud
Have 3 business websites running off one of their moderate managed clouds.

Occasionally would experience bouts of downtime worst-case was 1 full hour during peak traffic.

So I thought maybe it's due to the high-load of traff...Read More
Wesley C
South Africa
  • Reliability 8.0
  • Pricing 6.0
  • User Friendly 8.0
  • Support 8.0
  • Features 8.0

Review Hosting

Service used: Resellers
Its been good so far they respond in time and provide solutions
user avatar
Cannot get through on call center number unless you are prepared to wait 20 minutes. LTE has been poor to non existent.
Keith P
United States
  • Reliability 2.0
  • Pricing 2.0
  • User Friendly 2.0
  • Support 2.0
  • Features 2.0

Domain Transfer HELL!!!

Service used: Dedicated Server
This is Afrihost logic. If you want to transfer a domain, they only release the domain at the end of the month, then when that date rolls around they hold it another 5 days to check billing. So your site is down 5 days.
DO NOT WO...Read More
LOUIS Dibrell
South Africa
  • Reliability 6.0
  • Pricing 8.0
  • User Friendly 6.0
  • Support 2.0
  • Features 6.0

Useless utterly useless

I very been with Afrihost for about 4 years and until now the service has been reasonably satisfactory. Last year Afrihost was unable to provide Fiber therefore I added Fiber from another ISP. I've continued my past account with A...Read More

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