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Digital Pacific Review - Expert and User Insights by Paid Customers

A few words from Digital Pacific

Digital Pacific is a carbon neutral Australian provider of quality web hosting solutions for individuals, small to medium-sized businesses and corporations. With an emphasis on providing superior support, our business model is focused on reliability and trust, which we believe is attributed to our success over the past decade.

We provide a range of scalable services includin...Read Moreg shared hosting, virtual private servers, dedicated servers and reseller hosting. With a team of highly skilled professionals across a variety of areas, Digital Pacific continues to grow towards being the market leader in Australia.

We were the first hosting company in Australia to show our commitment to the environment through our sustainable web hosting initiative.
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Free domain
Money Back: 10 Days

Pricing Range

Shared Hosting NZ$10.61 - NZ$38.49
VPS NZ$32.05 - NZ$133.89
Dedicated Server NZ$95.41 - NZ$213.33


100% Uptime

Data Centers

Michael Galea, Managing Director - EnvironArc Pty Ltd

Pinned Review

Michael Galea, Managing Director - EnvironArc Pty Ltd,
I have been using Digital Pacific for a stack of domain names and site hosting for about 15 years. It's great to talk to an Australian who knows what I am talking about, the staff are always helpful a...Read Morend quick, I like the fact that the systems are in Australia, and not in the back room of some Chinese or Bangladesh restaurant storeroom, they are very professional, their fees are not the cheapest but the ongoing backups and their quality of service wins me every time. I will stay with them as long as they are around. Well done guys, keep up the great work.Less
Michael Galea, Managing Director - EnvironArc Pty Ltd
Michael Galea, Managing Director - EnvironArc Pty Ltd from Australia,

Digital Pacific are great for Australians

I have been using Digital Pacific for a stack of domain names and site hosting for about 15 years. It's great to talk to an Australian who knows what I am talking about, the staff are always helpful and quick, I like the fact that...Read More the systems are in Australia, and not in the back room of some Chinese or Bangladesh restaurant storeroom, they are very professional, their fees are not the cheapest but the ongoing backups and their quality of service wins me every time. I will stay with them as long as they are around. Well done guys, keep up the great work.Less
Gene Corbett

You would think hosting a website and emails for a business would be easy, not if you are using Digital pacific

Beware Digital pacific
You would think hosting a website and emails for a business would be easy, not if you are using Digital pacific
In the last week it has cost my company over $20,000.00 alone
Their excuse, it works on thei...Read Morer end, it must be my systems
So, Microsoft, ZOHO, our backend ERP all cannot connect with their server and it is our (the clients) fault.
How does this happen?
It happens everytime they decide to do “maintenance” or a “Server Migration”
Infact it happens anytime they touch something. However they manage it, it means coding gets corrupted and systems cannot connect and communicate, but to them, that is OK, as you can email through the Cpanel.
Recently, despite it being a written requirement to ensure our ERP is left standalone, they decided to migrate to another server and update to the latest PHP and SQL requirements, damaging the code so badly, it took $5,000.00 in labour to fix
Then they did it again within two weeks, whilst I was in the process of finding another hosting solution
Everyday for two weeks, on the phone, online, watching insurmountable damage being done to my business and reputation. Only to be ignored, talked over and told it is my fault.
Our solution, we have gone off shore for IT development and now host through Google.
Digital Pacific Response
The recent migration was a physical relocation of the hardware, and no software changes were made. In working with our system administrators, we haven't been able to find any co-relation between the migration and the issues you're currently experiencing
Res: This is despite Outlook, ZOHO providing Invalid Credentials errors and the ERP providing pg 404 errors .
Even an uneducated IT spec persons such as myself can see that their server is not communicating with any servers outside of it. It has only been since their scheduled migration.
We pride ourselves on the level of support we provide to our customers and we feel our teams have done everything they can to find a solution. We feel we have exhausted our options and it's clear we're not able to provide you with the level of service that's required. As such, we strongly recommend that it would be for you to move your hosting services to another provider that can better meet your requirements.
Res: So after you disconnected my business from the retail environment, corrupted codes and left a trainwreck where two of the largest companies in SASS cannot communicate with your server, you blame the customer .
Gene Corbett 0421834725
It appears your site is still not up Gene. Im checking my sites with Pacific and they are down. It is their servers Im only a new customer who moved 2 sites over from Godaddy who had no coms issues ever. Its a worry
David Goodwin
David Goodwin from Australia,

Seem disinterested

I have recently set up a new company and have had issues emailing potential clients using bigpond. This has been going for near 2 weeks now with the issue not being rectified. I also contacted the postmaster at bigpond in relation...Read More to the issue and I can say (much to my surprise) he has been brilliant, responding quickly and outlining what he requires to try and make an assessment. The problem is however every time he responds immediately Digital Pacific let the ticket sit for days until I call and give them a rocket again. It moves forward and then goes back into the same cycle. I have advised them that this could be costing me a lot of money which in the infancy of operation is not what I need, but it doesn't seem to matter to them.!! I will see what the office of fair trading (wishing their was some form of ombudsman) can do, but seriously horrible experience and now looking for my money back and alternative reliable options.Less
Scott obrien
Scott obrien from Australia,

Excellent Service

Absolutely love Digital Pacific. Moved across from NetRegistry because of their poor service and a heap of other problems. Transition to digital pacific was great, they migrated everything across for me. Just made my first support...Read More call at 10:00pm, spoke to an Australian guy in Sydney (Robbie) and had the problem solved in the spot. Would certainly recommendLess
James Pollock
James Pollock from Australia,

Slow and unreliable combined with below average tech support

Initially my hosting was decent. I had a few problems (that were poorly addressed by help staff) but I was prepared to accept that these were teething issues. What was happening was a site would crash due to a caching plugin. This...Read More crash would take down all of my websites. Pacific Digital's help desk would take hours to respond to my ticket, by which time the server had recovered. I was using very standard caching plugins on Wordpress sites, caching plugins that have not caused any similar problems on any other hosting platform. I was told that it was impossible for one website to crash all these website in the way I described. But crash they did. Time and time again. Techs would log in hours after the server recovered and tell me that they saw no evidence of what I had described to them. No kidding! As tech support goes this was useless and somewhat insulting to my intelligence.

Eventually a tech pointed me toward a Digital Pacific best practice for caching on their servers. This reduced but did not full resolve the issue. It's very stressful crashing all your client's websites in one go.

What has happened subsequently is the hosting platform has become really slow. Really really slow. I know instantly when I'm on a client's website that is hosted on Digital Pacific. Try and log in to the dashboard....waiting...waiting...oh that's right this one is on Digital Pacific!

Right now I'm copying my websites to another server. This is an extremely painful experience because even the process of adding the Updraft plugin and trying to get a backup is an exercise in patience. It's a waste of time and money working with Digital Pacific in this way but unfortunately I have to go through this process so I can stop paying them for hosting every month. (How wonderful it is when I run up a new website on a good server, load the Updraft back-up and start using that same website on a server that is fast an usable).
Digital Pacific
Digital Pacific,
Hi James.
Sorry to hear about your experience with our services, I have notified one of our representatives who will be in contact with you shortly using the phone number we have on file, to discuss your time with us.
Robert Clark
Robert Clark from Australia,

Absolutely AWESOME... IF there were more stars I would add them on.

Digital Pacific have always being extremely helpful and patient with me. Went beyond the call of duty. I was able to talk to an Ozzie quickly and had my issue resolved that was beyond my scope, and within 30 minutes. Some places I...Read More previously used didn't come close, or even understand what I was saying and spend hours in fixing what they stuffed up. WELL DONE DIGITAL PACIFIC.Less
Digital Pacific
Digital Pacific,
Thank you for the feedback Robert! Ive passed on your review to the team.
- Andy
Daniel Taylor

Unreliable, Expensive and Poor Support. - Update 1

So I'm rewriting my review.

Since my last review, I've had contact with DP and I've identified some issues with my site loading. One of them was that the PhP was not updated which they did for me and also I had not fully set up...Read More Cloudflare on my website, however, when I did my site was still not loading optimally. It's >400kb site with ~16 requests loading at anywhere between quickest of 1.6 to the slowest I had was 2.9 seconds. A majority of this was taken by the response time of the server to respond to the connection request.


When I tried to bring this up someone from the team explained to me that they did a speed test and this is what they sent me Verbatim "I have taken a look at both of your sites and can see that danieltaylorproducer.com.au loads within 0.8 seconds and alpha1memorials.com.au loads within 1.28 seconds"

The way I have my site structured is as such, Alpha1memorials was the setup years ago by a webdev who I no longer employ. danieltaylorproducer is a new site and set up as a subdomain, by me. Alpha1memorials is in the current stages of being redesigned because the current landing page is just over 7MB, how they got a 7MB landing page to load in 1.28 seconds I wanna know because that is magic tbh.

When I brought this up and asked them to clarify how and why this discrepancy was present the replies stopped. And I was doing tests off Pingdom on and off through this and somehow magically my site started loading at 1.1 seconds. I didn't touch a single thing backend, no edits to my page, no settings in my Cloudflare changed. No settings in my Autoptimze plugin changed. This never before seen spike in speed just happened after I asked them about the speed discrepancies. The only thing I could credit this spike in speed was Cloudflare, but it's been running all this time without such an increase in speed.

I have no idea what DP is doing in the background, whether they are capping performance on subdomains, whether they are actively shifting resource allocation, whether they are piling on a bunch of sites into a server but I'm not a fan of it. I do appreciate the effort they've made to contact me and get things fixed but I still don't have a resolution or understanding of why the server was taking so long to respond. Or even the initial issues I was having with not being able to access my site(danieltaylorproducer), it would periodically go offline while I was working on it and I would not be able to access it or the other website. I wouldn't even be able to login to the WordPress backend of either site.

Both times on phones I would simply be given the line that "Oh I was working around then and that server didn't have any issues at that time."
Digital Pacific
Digital Pacific,
Hi Daniel! Sorry to hear your experience with Digital Pacific not being up to standard. We pride ourselves on all aspects of web hosting, including customer support, and your feedback, good or bad, is always welcome so we can prov...Read Moreide high quality service to all of our customers. One of our representatives will be in contact with you shortly to discuss the problems you have had.
Digital Pacific
Digital Pacific,
Hi Daniel, we tried to contact you via phone call using the number we have on file, however we couldn't reach you. Do you have another number we could use? If so, could you DM us on our Facebook page and we will give you a call! Heres our page - https://www.facebook.com/digitalpacific

Digital Pacific
Digital Pacific,
Hi Daniel

Im touching base with you to see how things are going with your site? Please let me know if you are still experiencing a slow down and i'll get one of our tech support to look in to it and contact you ASAP!

- Andy
Jason Wu
Jason Wu from Australia,

Amazing Support and Transition

Digital Pacific has done an amazing job migrating my website from my existing Developer onto DP’s VPS Server. I had been in direct contact the Head of Sales, Nigel Burke throughout the process and he explained all the requirements...Read More we needed.

My existing developer was being extremely difficult and Nigel made sure that our site was transitioned over smoothly. Thank you for an amazing job.
Digital Pacific
Digital Pacific,
Hi Jason! Thank you for your feedback, we have passed on your thanks to Nigel :)

Expert Review

Michael Levanduski
Michael Levanduski
Expert Hosting Writer & Tester

Expert Overview

Quality hosting for over a decade

For over 10 years, Digital Pacific has been offering hosting services for individuals, small to medium sized businesses and corporations. They have an emphasis on being green and carbon neutral and showing their commitment to the environment through their sustainable web hosting initiative. They have a strong customer support base in order to provide their quality services. They also have a focus on being green, sustainable, and earth friendly by reducing emissions, paper waste, and recycling as much as possible. They also have a number of socially responsible local and global events they participate in as well.

This company offers reseller hosting, personal and business hosting, and VPS hosting depending on what customers are looking for. They also offer Cloud hosting, dedicated servers, and other add-ons such as SSL certificates and additional upgrades. They also have domain services including registration, hosting, and transfer.



Rated by Michael Levanduski

  • User Friendly

  • Support

  • Features

  • Reliability

  • Pricing

Uptime & Reliability

99.99% Uptime Guarantee

This company claims a 99.99% uptime guarantee, which is an excellent uptime. They also offer pro-rated credits to your account if your services is not operation for the guaranteed amount of time on managed dedicated, VPS, and Cloud servers.


Typical hosting options

Digital Pacific has many options in their hosting features with many add-ons and the availability to scale up your services as your needs increase. Domain services include domain renewal, management, registration, and transfer. Hosting plans have personal and small business options that come feature and support loaded for ease of use. Reseller hosting is also offered, and partnered with a number of affiliate programs.

Personal and business hosting plans come with a ton of features including cPanel control panel, email accounts, webmail, ecommerce tools, and programming and development tools.VPS hosting packages come managed or unmanaged with a host of features including server support, virtuozzo control panel, and many downloadable software options. Add-on hosting features for all plans include shopping carts, domain services, account upgrades, SSL certificates, extended support, and hundreds of applications.


3 Hour Responses

Their support is available 24/7 and they have a 3-hour response time guarantee. They prefer the ticketing system in order to track what is needed, but you can call in to their support network as well.


Slightly above average

Personal plans come in yearly subscriptions and start with 1GB of storage space and 10GB of bandwidth a month. Business hosting starts with 25GB of storage space and 100GB of bandwidth a month. These hosting options start at $4.90 a month and package option sizes go up from there depending on your needs. Their basic hosting packages are fairly reasonably priced. There are cheaper options, but you definitely get a ton of features for what you are paying. VPS hosting prices start at $44.90 a month and this is fairly comparable to other VPS hosting services.

Domain services start at $9.95 a year for an Australian based domain, and $14.95 a year for .com or .org domains. These prices are only slightly above average, but not significantly. Many domain registration sites hover around $12-$15 a year. They offer a 30 day money back guarantee for shared personal and business plans as well as for their reseller hosting plans. They have a 10 day money back guarantee for dedicate servers, VPS hosting, and Cloud hosting.


Good hosting from eco-friendly company

Digital Pacific is a very green, eco-friendly hosting company that offers many options to business owners and personal needs. They rely on their customer service in order to give you the best service possible, and have high quality hardware in order to supply a high uptime.


  • 24/7 support
  • Eco-Friendly hosting
  • 99.99% uptime


  • So many hosting options can be confusing

Digital Pacific Prices, Plans & Features - 2023

Shared Hosting Plans

Plan Name Space Bandwidth Panel Number of Sites Price Score
Personal Basic 2 GB 10.04 GB cPanel Unlimited NZ$10.61 3.1 Details
Personal Standard 5 GB 19.97 GB cPanel Unlimited NZ$13.83 3.1 Details
Business Basic 25 GB 100.04 GB cPanel 1 NZ$19.19 3.1 Details
Business Standard 50 GB Unlimited cPanel 3 NZ$24.55 1.7 Details
Business Advanced 100 GB Unlimited cPanel 6 NZ$27.77 3.1 Details
Business Pro 150 GB Unlimited cPanel 9 NZ$38.49 1.0 Details

VPS Hosting Plans

Plan Name Space CPU RAM OS Price Score
VPS Basic Self Managed 25 GB 1 x 2.27GHz 2 GB NZ$32.05 3.1 Details
VPS One Self Managed 50 GB 2 x 2.27GHz 4 GB NZ$48.13 3.1 Details
VPS Two Self Managed 100 GB 4 x 2.27GHz 8 GB NZ$91.01 3.1 Details
VPS Three Self Managed 150 GB 4 x 2.27GHz 12 GB NZ$133.89 3.1 Details

Dedicated Server Plans

Plan Name Space CPU RAM OS Price Score
X-M620-1NEW 480 GB 8 x 2.13GHz 16 GB NZ$95.41 3.1 Details
X-M620-2NEW 480 GB 8 x 2.26GHz 24 GB NZ$138.29 3.1 Details
X-M620-3NEW 480 GB 10 x 2.20GHz 32 GB NZ$159.73 3.1 Details
X-M630-1NEW 1.2 TB 16 x 2.20GHz 32 GB NZ$213.33 3.1 Details

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