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Kinsta Review - Expert and User Insights by Paid Customers

A few words from Kinsta

Kinsta is the first managed WordPress hosting company powered by Google Cloud Platform and container technology. We specialize in premium hosting for everyone, small or large sites.
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Money Back: 30 Days

Pricing Range

VPS NZ$35.00 - NZ$1,650.00
Cloud Hosting NZ$35.00


99.9% Uptime

Data Centers

Ryan Whitacker

Pinned Review

Ryan Whitacker,
I've been incredibly impressed by Kinsta so far. Their service and support is pretty amazing. I've had responses within minutes. The live chat functions like a ticketing system when you're offline, bu...Read Moret so far it hasn't taken me more than 60 seconds to get a response and a few more minutes to fix any problem. The reps have been fluent in English and well-versed in technology. I probably could have migrated myself, but I paid $100 to make sure it was done right by their team. They did an excellent job, and even followed up to make sure I knew how to do the next steps switching DNS and whatnot.

Aside from service, I moved to Kinsta because I needed a fast host with more allowed configuration (e.g. PHP timeout), a staging environment, and managed CDN/SSL options.

The thing I dislike is session-based pricing. I can't complain too much because all high-end hosts do this. Even Pantheon is shooting themselves in the foot with new pricing. I get a lot of traffic, but use very little bandwidth/processing. I know I'm over-paying right now. Unfortunately I am not a server administrator, so I can't use AWS... yet. Kinsta would be well-advised to watch out for products like Lightsail as Amazon adds more features. It's faster and cheaper, but so far is much harder and requires a lot more technical knowledge. I've tried many hosts, including all of those that are supposed to be the best, and this is perfect for me.

WATCH OUT FOR PEOPLE TELLING YOU WHO THE BEST HOST IS. This space is absolutely full of affiliates who promote the site where they get the biggest commission as the "best." In fact I looked over the top 2 pages in Google and that's all I could see. Check for actual user ratings. This site doesn't seem to manipulate user reviews, but I can't vouch for certain.
Ruth Fast
Ruth Fast from Canada,

Great Technical Support!

Kinsta has provided me with a reliable and FAST hosting platform over the past year. Very infrequently a problem does crop up (usually WordPress related!) and when it does Kinsta provides excellent technical support in a timely m...Read Moreanner. The technicians are patient and informative, and make every effort to solve the problem at hand. I would recommend Kinsta if you are looking for a managed WordPress hosting service.Less
Thank you Ruth for your kind feedback and for choosing Kinsta as your hosting service! ? We are stoked to have you with us ?
Adrian Cowderoy
Moved from IONOS

Amazing quality at a sensible price

I wanted a hosting partner for a new website to provide stories and background about modern secret intelligence methods.

My first criteria was that the hosting must provide strong security, because there are a lot of “bad acto...Read Morers”. (I have also added a Sucuri firewall to the website.)

My second priority was very fast performance and very high reliability to help with SEO. (I’ve been getting steady improvements in SEO with new content overtaking rankings for well-established pages.)

My third priority was to avoid getting bogged into detailed technical matters except where I chose it. (The command interface on Kinsta is easy. The help pages are extensive, but there’s no search – access them using a Google browser by typing “Kinsta “ at the start of your query.)

My surprise was the quality of the service. I’ve led big dev teams in multinationals. At this price, I didn’t expect to be getting the same quality of service as them. An example was the almost immediate and efficient help with whitelisting the firewall.

Thank you, Kinsta.
Thank you, Adrian, for your kind review! We truly appreciate you taking the time and sharing your experience. Keep enjoying Kinsta!
Kevin N
Kevin N from Luxembourg,

Kinsta does change your life and makes it easier

I use Kinsta for about 2 months for developing MVPs in Wordpress CMS during weekends and evenings. I went back to the support team on a daily basis during Xmas time, midnight, 31st December very early morning, 1st January 10 pm an...Read Mored also on typical business days during evenings (I am in Western Europe). NO issues in response time, great support. You can also continue to chat with the latest support guy you had and if you like his advice, that's a basis of trust. Great articles and knowledge base with in dept information if you like to read tons of information. Well you can improve your skills a lot from scratch. In addition you have great tools to switch from a staging development to your production site without hassle and nighthmares, change the database with simple queries or via the support if you feel uncomfortable, delete cache easily. I had a lot advice on many topics (CDN, reverse proxy choices, plugins, SVGs, site performance, security tips, multsite, multi domains, cache issues). Of course they just provide information relative to their service but that is a great basis and save you time for starters and money before even hiring external developers. If you are like me a DIY natural person, then this is the perfect hosting service platform on the world. No brainer for building your WordPress POCs. The infrastructure is top notch and they are building partnership with great other providers (Cloudflare) to provide even better support and security for your hosted websites. I will not be able in 4 weekends to build complete working websites without the help and quick support ( in a minute ) with great answers without the support team (either in America or Eastern Europe depending on the time shift): all are great! No waste of time = $$$ saved.Less
Wow, Kevin, this is such a wonderful and detailed review you've given us, thank you! We truly appreciate your thoroughness on some of the details and your honesty about the experience you're having. We will do our best to provide ...Read Morevalue to you be that through our content, support team, or the tools and features of the service. Thanks for choosing Kinsta! ?Less
Francoise Guyaux
Francoise Guyaux from Canada,
Moved from WP Engine

Best Hosting, Best Support Ever

Usually tech. support put me in a bad mood. They assumed you are dumb, it is long, you go to a first agent that knows nothing. Not at Kinsta. I am always relax because I know their support agents are smart, respectful and nice. An...Read Mored it will be quick, it is never a waste of time like elsewhere. Speed, reliability, everything is perfect. I just wish their features would include a better staging or push a clone to live. The staging is too slow. And there is no one button push clone (other install) to live feature.Less
Thank you, Francoise, for leaving us your honest review! Our support team will be thrilled to read your kind words. :) Regarding your comments on our staging feature, I made sure to add them as feature requests, and we'll do our b...Read Moreest to follow up with you if and when they will be available. Thanks for contributing to making the platform better for everyone! :)Less
David Mocq
David Mocq from France,


The best: why? ... The infrastructures are technically advanced. It is reliable, efficient and secure. And it's not just that, although that would be enough ... Kinsta's soul is made of quality from start to finish ... There would...Read More be a lot of good things to say ... In any case, the technology is of high quality and at the cutting edge of innovation. The sites are in a safe place! Let us also add that the support is REMARKABLE!Less
Wow, David, thank you for writing this kind review! We are so glad you feel this way. We also appreciate your loyalty and constant support. Thank you for being such a fantastic client. :)

Expert Review

Bruno Mirchevski
Bruno Mirchevski
Hosting Expert

Kinsta expert review cover image

Last Update | May 2022

Monthly Update – May 2022

Hosting PlansWordPress Hosting
Top Features24/7 Native-Speaking Support In 5 Languages; 99.9% Guaranteed Uptime; Ease Of Use, Nearly Hands-Off Experience; Staging Environment To Test Your Website; Free Premium Migrations And Unlimited Basic Migrations; 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee; Automatic Database Optimization; Automatic Daily Backup And Manual Backup Points
Customer SupportLive Chat; Resource Center; Ticketing System


During May, Kinsta:

Since Kinsta was launched in 2013, it has been working tirelessly to become one of the best WordPress hosting providers on the market. This web host provider is devoted to its incredible customer support, excellent uptime, and set of features.

Kinsta Hosting is a US-based cloud hosting company that has some of the best managed WordPress plans. Nowadays, this web host supports over 22,000 companies in 128 countries. Its 29 data centers globally make sure this company provides its top-quality performance, such as 99.99% uptime and 30,000GB of daily traffic all around the world. Due to their professional dedication, customers worldwide can have a pleasant experience which allows them to develop some of the best websites for their businesses.

Suppose you are searching for a fantastic web host that provides excellent WordPress hosting with excellent features, reliability, and customer support for your page. In that case, Kinsta Hosting should definitely be on the list of your potential web hosts!



Rated by Bruno Mirchevski

  • User Friendly

  • Support

  • Features

  • Reliability

  • Pricing


Is Kinsta the Right Choice for You?

Being one of the best WordPress hosting providers on the market is not easy, but Kinsta somehow achieves to pleasantly surprise its customers. After reading thousands of expert reviews, as well as customer reviews, I was more than happy when I got the chance to deliver my Kinsta brand review, which will become part of those who are already available on the Internet. I’ve read many positive critics, so doing this Kinsta review was an excellent chance to test if all of that is true.

What drew my attention the most was that its hosting services are powered by Google Cloud’s premium network. Besides this, Kinsta offers lightning-speed hosting, next-gen infrastructure, and excellent customer service. In terms of its pricing plans, they may not be the cheapest as some other web host providers, but they are still affordable for the majority of users.

Note: By choosing a Kinsta annual plan, you get two month’s free trial.

If what we said so far intrigued you to find out more, check out my Kinsta review, clarified by customer reviews and expert reviews, and see if it is the best choice for your professional website.


Here is How We Review:

Our brand reviews are always reliable, transparent, and 100% helpful to the customers considering whether to purchase some web hosting plan. To deliver the best expert review possible, the chosen web host provider needs to pass five simple but also crucial steps. Let’s see what our expert team is in charge of.

  1. To start testing out the web host provider, we first need to buy it. This step is of great importance as you could not test any hosting provider without actually buying one of its plans. The plan doesn’t need to be the most expensive one. What’s important is the plan to only have all of the essential features that you can try out, so you can write a transparent review.
  2. Because we mentioned the features, the second step is carefully exploring all features. While we thoroughly explore the provider’s features, another part of our expert team makes sure to monitor the speed and the performance of the web host provider.
  3. Another step we mustn’t skip is dividing the pros and cons of the provider, checking whether it is worth the money you’ll be paying, and testing its customer support. Isn’t this important, especially for beginners?
  4. Once we finish the first three steps, which by the way, are the most important ones, we move to publish the written expert review. We also update our brand reviews as soon as there is something new.
  5. Lastly, we never forget the customers that are an exceptional part of our testing process. We constantly check customer reviews as they have a share in the final score we provide for the web host.

Pros and Cons


  • Global appearance
  • Optimized for WordPress
  • Incredible performance
  • Free Migrations
  • Easy to use
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Automatic daily backups
  • 24/7 support


  • More expensive than other web host providers
  • Limited for WordPress only
  • No email hosting
  • No phone support

Pros and ConsIf you are precisely looking for some of the best WordPress hosting providers that are great packages of features, performances, and support, Kinsta is here to provide everything your website needs for a flawless customer experience!


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ParameterScoreWhy did we give this score?
User Friendly9.6Kinsta Hosting is one of the most user-friendly providers you’ve ever come across. It is suitable for both beginners and advanced users because it doesn’t require any technical knowledge. However, we went with a score of 9.6 because it doesn’t come with a cPanel, which some find a drawback.
Support9.8Once again, Kinsta decides to take over the first place as the best web host provider and comes with extraordinary customer support. Their expert teams are available 24/7 and provide their support in 5 different native languages. Kinsta comes with Knowledge Base, Live Chat, Learn WordPress, Feature Updates, Blog, Newsletter, Free Ebooks, Free Webinars, Podcast, and Cheat Sheets. We give it a score of 9.8 because it only lacks phone support.
Features9.5By choosing Kinsta, you will get superb features, such as daily backups, free migrations, high security, etc. This web host indeed comes with a great set of features, but it doesn’t provide email hosting, and also, some WordPress plugins aren’t available due to the security protection. That’s why we decided to give a score of 9.5.
Reliability10Kinsta servers are powered by the Google Cloud premium network and offer a high-security rate for your websites. This hosting provider also comes with superb uptime of 99.99%, a website speed of 117 ms, and an incredible loading time of 1.2 seconds. These metrics say it all.
Pricing8.5Kinsta hosting comes with quite a range of hosting plans, but the cheapest one is not so cheap. The plans start at $30/month and go up to $1,500/month, which makes this web host provider more expensive than other ones. Kinsta definitely can’t be put in a group of the most affordable hosting providers, but it is still not the most expensive one we’ve seen. Due to this, we decided to go with a score of 8.5.
Overall Score9.5A great WordPress hosting provider has everything that Kinsta provides. If you want to have a wonderful website that will gain page traffic, consider using Kinsta as your web host.


Kinsta Prices & Plans – 2022

Kinsta currently has 10 different tiers of a plan, each offering its services on a different scale. However, Kinsta’s plans can become really pricey. What’s the same for all plans is that they offer the same primary key features, such as free SSL and CDN, 24/7 support, and daily backups. Another benefit you get from Kinsta hosting plans is the 30-day money-back guarantee, and you also have the option to upgrade or downgrade your hosting plan during this time.

On the other hand, what is different for each tier of a plan is the number of WordPress installs that can be managed per account and also the number of PHP workers assigned to your site.

Note: PHP workers determine how many simultaneous requests your site can handle at a given time.

The hosting plans are divided into a few categories that progress from Starter to Business to Enterprise. In other words, the plans are suitable for smaller or bigger businesses.

Kinsta Starter hosting plan is best for small WordPress-hosted businesses, blogs, or websites. You’ll have a maximum of 25,000 visitors a month and 10 GB of storage. However, if you have heavy files, such as videos, you should consider upgrading to the following plan. The Starter plan starts at $30/month, and it is the most affordable one.

The following is Kinsta Pro hosting plan that is suitable for small to medium business websites. You’ll be able to have a maximum of 50,000 visitors a month and 20 GB of storage. This plan is not recommended for eCommerce online stores. You can purchase this plan for $60/month.

Things get more serious by switching to the Kinsta Business 1 hosting plan. You’ll get a maximum of 100,000 visitors a month and 30 GB of storage, and twice the amount of PHP workers per site as the previous plan. To get a clearer image, let’s see the image below. This plan is available for $100/month.


Kinsta (Brand Review)


Furthermore, we’ll continue with the other Kinsta Business hosting plans. Kinsta Business 2, 3, and 4 plans don’t come with some remarkable differences from the first Kinsta Business plan. They only offer more visitors per month and more storage.


Kinsta (Brand Review)


Lastly, Kinsta hosting provides Enterprise 1, 2, 3, and 4 plans, which also come with four levels, such as the Business ones. These plans are the best fit for more prominent WordPress-optimized websites, and if you want your site to gain more traffic, you should definitely consider using these plans. However, these are the most expensive Kinsta hosting plans, so you should only use them if your business has already grown.


Kinsta (Brand Review)Kinsta (Brand Review)

To make things more precise, I’ll provide an image below, which is basically a visual representation of what I’ve said so far for Kinsta’s hosting plans.


Kinsta (Brand Review)


Features & Benefits

Choosing the right web host provider might be really tricky. That’s why you should always take its features into consideration. Our Kinsta review continues with the fantastic features it provides. If you decide to purchase any of its plans, you’ll get an excellent set of features that will only improve your hosting experience.

1. Global Presence

One of the features that got my attention the most was Kinsta’s global presence. Since 2013, Kinsta hosting has been a provider for about 22,000 companies worldwide, and it is present in 128 countries. As we already mentioned, Kinsta’s WordPress hosting is powered by the Google Cloud power network, which provides more security, faster load times, greater scalability, and better performance for your website. Also, the Google Cloud power network is used by some very famous brands, but let’s stick to Kinsta.

Kinsta (Brand Review)


Kinsta has 29 data centers across the world, which are responsible for your site’s performance and security. This is a huge benefit because this web host also allows you to choose the best data center location, depending on where your targeted audience.


Kinsta (Brand Review)


2. Security

Another strong side of Kinsta is security. The web host provider comes with a great range of security features that will protect your websites from any attacks. The provider takes many steps to secure your sites, such as allowing you to run the latest versions of software, PHP, and MySQL. Other things you can do to enhance the security are enabling features like two-factor authentication, GeoIP blocking, or limiting the login attempts. Kinsta hosting also offers its customers free one-click SSL certification activation and hardware firewalls.

Do you think we’re done? Well, Kinsta has more to offer! The automatic updates include free hack fixes, blocking code injection and DDoS attacks, and daily malware scanning. Kinsta’s users are also free to use the WordPress debugging tool to see warnings, errors, and notices on their websites. As you can see, Kinsta provides excellent security for its customers’ websites.

3. Regular Backups

I also highly recommend Kinsta because of its regular backups. Kinsta offers daily, hourly, manual, and external backups. Your website will be backed up every day, and each backup will be kept for 14 days. Furthermore, you can also get more frequent backups at a price. What we’re trying to say is that you can get 6-hour backups or hourly ones. Both of the backups are available only 24 hours. The 6-hour backups are best for websites that frequently change, while the hourly backups are great for eCommerce sites, membership sites, and continually changing ones.

The last two backup options are external backups and a downloadable archive file. You can use external backups like Google Cloud Storage or Amazon S3 or download an archive file that will contain your whole website.

4. One-click WordPress Installation

As this web host is mainly focused on WordPress hosting, your WordPress installation will be done in a few minutes. When you log in to your account, you just need to open the custom control panel and create a WordPress site. This process is as straightforward as it can be, so you shouldn’t have any issues. Once you find the ‘Add Site’ tab, you just need to click ‘Install WordPress,’ and you are ready to go.

Kinsta (Brand Review)

5. Payment Methods

The payment methods are significant for users worldwide, so how can we leave our expert review without an explanation for them? Kinsta only supports paying with credit cards, such as Visa and Mastercard. If you were considering PayPal, we must disappoint you, but Kinsta doesn’t support it.

6. Free Website Migration

Suppose you have another website that is hosted by another web host provider. The good news is that Kinsta allows you to migrate one website for free. The migration process is handled by their team of experts. However, you can do this process manually by requesting migration from your dashboard. Once the migration is done, you’ll be notified so you can check if everything is okay.



To gain customers and page traffic, you must have a website that provides reliability and excellent performance. In other words, your website should be transparent, fast, up the most times, and provide a fast loading speed. If you tend to develop such a website, you should indeed consider using Kinsta hosting. We mentioned a few times through our expert review that Kinsta has excellent performance, and that can also be found in other customer reviews on the Internet. So, let’s see what the fuss is all about.

Speed – 29 Data Centers Globally are Responsible for the Incredible Speed

Kinsta supports more than 20,000 companies worldwide, and it is known in 128 countries. To achieve a fantastic speed, Kinsta has 29 data centers on every continent. According to expert testing, Kinsta provides a website speed of 117 ms. Yes, that’s right. Your website can have an average speed of 117 ms if you decide to use Kinsta as your web host. It looks like our Kinsta review only gets better and better.


Kinsta (Brand Review)


The fastest websites are in the US, but it is expected as Kinsta is a US-based hosting provider. However, you can also see some unreal numbers for other countries too. It is best to choose a server that is geographically closest to your website visitors for low latency and better page speed.

Uptime – Excellent (maintains at 99.9%)

Another reason why you should choose Kinsta over some cheap web host provider is the incredible uptime of 99.9% that this WordPress hosting provider offers. The uptime is essential for every website if you don’t want to lose your visitors, and who would have wanted to? Also, what I liked the most about Kinsta’s uptime is that you may experience a total downtime of 8 hours and 45 minutes yearly, which is pretty decent. In other words, on a daily level, you may face downtime of 1 minute and 26 seconds.

Kinsta (Brand Review)


I highly recommend Kinsta hosting for your WordPress-powered website, as the amount of downtime you might have is at a pretty low level. However, this doesn’t mean that you’ll face downtime every day. In some tests, the uptime was measured to be 100%.

Note: Kinsta has a 99.9% uptime guarantee. If you experience lower uptime of 99.9%, you’ll get money for some of the hosting services, which is pretty awesome.

Loading Time – Kinsta Provides its Own Powerful CDN

Over the years, many tests have been made to find what the customers love the most. It has been proven that if your website takes longer than2 seconds to load, many of them won’t wait, and you will lose page traffic. How could you grow your business if you don’t have a decent loading speed? That’s why Kinsta has its own powerful CDN that boosts the website’s loading speed. What’s even better, you will get the CDN by purchasing any of Kinsta’s hosting plans. A fast CDN that is included in the price you’re paying – is there anything better?


Kinsta (Brand Review)


The fastest website loading time that was measured by GTMetrix was only 0.8 seconds. Wow, Kinsta really knows how to knock you off your feet. GT Metrix measured the slowest loading time of 1.6 seconds in some other tests, which isn’t slow at all. It looks like you will enjoy an average loading time of 1.2 seconds.

To sum up, Kinsta really provides some unbelievable metrics for its performance. Who wouldn’t like to enjoy a website with an uptime of 99.9%, a website speed of 117 ms, and a page loading time of 1.2 seconds? If so far I didn’t manage to make you try out Kinsta, let’s see what other information you’ll find in my thorough Kinsta review.


Level of Support

We give some of the best scores for the level of support that Kinsta’s expert team provides. Why so? Kinsta provides many different ways to provide support. You can use Live Chat, Knowledge Base, Learn WordPress, Feature Updates, Blog, Newsletter, Free Ebooks, Free Webinars, Podcast, and Cheat Sheets. The only thing that isn’t available as a support is the phone support, but it looks like you won’t feel its absence that much. Kinsta’s support is available 24/7/365, and according to their site, they have about 2,500 support conversations.

Another incredible thing that got to me was that their support is available in five native languages.


Kinsta (Brand Review)


However, their live chat option is only for their customers, but luckily as one of them, I got to test it out. If you click on the live chat option in the bottom right corner while you’re not logged in to MyKinsta, you will notice the following message.


Kinsta (Brand Review)


I decided to log in to my account, so I could see how user-friendly they are. You will receive a warm welcome as soon as you click on the live chat feature within MyKinsta.


Kinsta (Brand Review)

When I got to this screen, I clicked on ‘Send us a message,’ and I was transferred to the following question.


Kinsta (Brand Review)


I was thinking about whether to choose the second or the third option, but I went with an ‘I have billing or invoice question.’ Once I selected that option, I got another question immediately.


Kinsta (Brand Review)


So far, so good! I really love their access to your issues. Furthermore, the chatbot asks whether you would like to talk to someone to help you resolve your issue. But that is necessary if you have already made a decision. They provide a straightforward solution.


After this step, they sent me a link where I could cancel my plan


After this step, they sent me a link where I could cancel my plan. Also, they reminded me of their refund policy. What amazing support!


After this step, they sent me a link where I could cancel my plan


Then, you can proceed to cancel your plan. First, Kinsta explains the process.

After this step, they sent me a link where I could cancel my plan

After continuing to the next step, you have a chance to review your final bill details.

After this step, they sent me a link where I could cancel my plan

Lastly, you will be transferred to another screen, where you’ll need to enter your password to cancel the plan.

After this step, they sent me a link where I could cancel my plan

Once you cancel the plan, Kinsta asks why, which is great proof of extraordinary customer care. You will find a few options on the screen, and you can choose one of them.


After this step, they sent me a link where I could cancel my plan


Besides the Live Chat support, I also mentioned other types of support. For those who aren’t logged in to MyKinsta, they can also use their expert team’s support, just not the live chat. They can use their email support, social media platforms, or knowledge base.


After this step, they sent me a link where I could cancel my plan


Then, you can select one of the three categories you can see on the image above and forward to submitting a ticket.


After this step, they sent me a link where I could cancel my plan


To find the other support channels, you may open the Resource Center and choose how you would like to get in touch with their expert team.


After this step, they sent me a link where I could cancel my plan


That is all you have to know about Kinsta’s support. With each step, I was more and more surprised, of course, pleasantly. They take good care of their customers and make you feel worthy.


User Friendly

While doing my Kinsta review, I found out that it doesn’t come with the well-known cPanel that everyone loves. Instead, Kinsta developed its own custom control panel that is also user-friendly for both beginners and advanced users. Choosing a user-friendly web host provider for your website is of great importance. It’s important for it to have everything you may need and to be straightforward. Kinsta has developed its very own WordPress platform and built it to fit your WordPress needs. But what else can you enjoy from this easy-to-use platform?

1. Creating an Account with Kinsta

Creating a Kinsta account is a very simple and fast process. You won’t waste much time, and hopefully, you won’t face any issues. The first step is to choose a plan for your website. After you read everything about the plans, purchasing one of them shouldn’t be challenging. Then, you’ll be transferred to a screen where you enter basic account information, such as your name, password, and email. Once you are done with that part, you can continue to the payment section. You will be requested to fill in your billing information and card details here. After carefully entering each piece of information, you are ready to enjoy your Kinsta account.

2. Installing WordPress

Another feature I see as a part of the easy-to-use platform is installing WordPress. I already mentioned it above, but due to this feature, the customers get a smooth and issue-free experience. Why I categorized this in the user-friendly experience is because the process takes no time. You just need to open the custom control panel and click on Install WordPress. That’s it. You will get your WordPress account in the blink of an eye!

3. Creating or Migrating a Website

Migrating your website is the second most simple process I’ve ever seen, and I have written many brand reviews. In fact, you shouldn’t even worry about migrating it yourself as their support team takes care of it. However, you can also migrate it on your own from the dashboard.

Keep in mind that Kinsta offers unlimited free migrations from all hosts, including WP Engine, SiteGround, Pantheon, Cloudways, GoDaddy, DreamHost, Bluehost, HostGator, A2 Hosting, WPX Hosting, Savvii, and more.


Step by Step Walkthrough – Kinsta

The first thing that you should do if you create your Kinsta account is to choose the plan that is the most suitable for your website. Before choosing any plan, you should be aware that Kinsta offers a discount if you purchase the annual plan. More precisely, you only pay for ten months but use their services the whole year.


After this step, they sent me a link where I could cancel my plan


As usual, I always pick the cheapest plan, which in this case is the monthly option for the Starter plan. After you decide which plan you want, click ‘Choose,’ and you’ll be transferred to the following screen.


After this step, they sent me a link where I could cancel my plan


Then, you should enter your first name, last name, email, and password. I truly like the transparency of this Kinsta as it shows the plan you have chosen on the right side. To continue creating your account, you should click on ‘Continue.’ After you click on it, you’ll proceed to the payment part. There you’ll be requested to enter your card details and billing information.

After this step, they sent me a link where I could cancel my plan

As you can notice, in the billing information section, you should enter your country, state, city, ZIP code, address, and company. Also, you need to provide whether your account is individual or for a company.

After this step, they sent me a link where I could cancel my plan

On the other hand, in card details, you should fill in information about your credit cards, such as the card holder’s name and card number. Once you are sure everything you’ve entered is correct, click on ‘Finish up’ to move on to setting up your Kinsta account.

Creating your account should be as easy as possible. The process is straightforward, everything is well explained, and you shouldn’t run across any problems.


Using and Managing Your Account on Kinsta

Wow, what an easy process. I’ve created my account in no time! Now, once you’re in, you will see the following screen that offers three options.


After this step, they sent me a link where I could cancel my plan


As shown in the image, you get a warm welcome from Kinsta, and you can start managing your account. The three options that are shown on the screen are to get started with your WordPress account, request a migration, or receive a site transfer from another Kinsta member. I clicked on ‘Get Started’ within the ‘Create your first site,’ and this is where I was forwarded to.

After this step, they sent me a link where I could cancel my plan


The first thing on your list is to choose if you will install WordPress, start with an empty environment or clone an existing environment. I went for the first option, to install WordPress, and I had to enter my domain name, the site’s name, location, WordPress site title, WordPress admin username, WordPress admin password, and WordPress admin email. In terms of the location gap, you can choose from the 29 data centers.

What’s more, if you don’t install WordPress and go for the second option (start with an empty environment), you can install WooCommerce or Yoast SEO. Also, you will need to enter your domain name, the name of this site, and your location. The same information is required in the third field, which clones an existing environment.

After this step, they sent me a link where I could cancel my plan


Before I go more in-depth with my Kinsta review, I would like to elaborate on the two other options you can choose at the beginning. If you go for the second option, request migration, you have two options – a basic migration which is free, or a premium migration. Kinsta offers basic migration for free if your current host is A2 Hosting, Bluehost, Cloudways, DreamHost, Flywheel, GoDaddy, HostGator, Pagely, Pantheon, Savvii, SiteGround, tsoHost, WP Engine, WPX Hosting.

I wanted to test this out, so I got the premium migration. From that point, a Kinsta technician takes over the work from your hands. You need to submit a migration request and review the migrated site once the job is done.


I wanted to test this out, so I got the premium migration



The third option within the ‘Dashboard’ is to receive a transfer from another Kinsta member. However, if you choose this option, you need to grant a third party your Kinsta company ID so that they can easily transfer your site.


I wanted to test this out, so I got the premium migration


Now, let’s get back to what I chose. I went for the first option and created my WordPress website. After filling in all the information, I was transferred to the following screen.


I wanted to test this out, so I got the premium migration


What surprised me the most was that as soon as I added my first domain, Kinsta’s expert team provided a checklist of all I needed to do to get my website up as part of the Knowledgebase. Here are the six steps I had to perform:

  • Test your site
  • Point your domain to Kinsta
  • Set up HTTPS
  • Enable the Kinsta CDN
  • Add redirects
  • Run a speed test

In the image I provided above, you can see that the information is loading. After waiting for a while, I got the following: view of my domain name, data center location, site visits, bandwidth usage, disk usage, PHP version, and environment.


I wanted to test this out, so I got the premium migration


If you click on the site name, or in my case, ‘Testtesting,’ you will get to the following screen.



I wanted to test this out, so I got the premium migration


If you make any changes in the live setting, others can instantly spot the modifications. However, with the second option, you can perform testing and development without others seeing the changes you make on your live site.


I wanted to test this out, so I got the premium migration


The Info section in ‘Test testing’ is divided into Basic details, SFTP/SSH, Database access, Transfer site, and Delete site. Other options you will see in this section are to Rename or Label your site and generate a new SFTP or database password.


In the ‘Domains’ section, you can check your primary domain and domains list.


I wanted to test this out, so I got the premium migration



We already discussed this, but let’s briefly remind you. In the ‘Backups’ section, you can choose daily, hourly, manual, system generated, and external backups. Also, the customers can create a downloadable archive file containing your entire website.


I wanted to test this out, so I got the premium migration



In the next section, ‘Tools,’ you will find many tools, such as Site cache, Restart PHP, WordPress debugging, Search and replace, New Relic monitoring, Password protection, Force HTTPS, Geolocation, ionCube Loader, and PHP engine. You will be able to modify the PHP engine.


I wanted to test this out, so I got the premium migration


Note: Kinsta recommends using PHP 7.4, but it allows you to modify your PHP to PHP 7.3 or PHP 8.0.


In this section, the users can add a rule or do a bulk import.


I wanted to test this out, so I got the premium migration


WP Plugins

By opening the ‘WP Plugins’ section, you can monitor all the plugins you’ve installed, their status, version, and available updates.


I wanted to test this out, so I got the premium migration


IP Deny

Another unique option that Kinsta provides is the ‘IP Deny.’ If you have a bot, spammer, or hacker constantly hitting your site, you can add this option.


I wanted to test this out, so I got the premium migration


Kinsta CDN

I’ve mentioned that you also get CDN security by purchasing any Kinsta hosting plan. Well, by enabling Kinsta CDN, your website’s speed can drastically increase.


I wanted to test this out, so I got the premium migration


Kinsta APM

Last but not least is the Kinsta APM tool, which detects the issue of why your website is slow.


I wanted to test this out, so I got the premium migration



After you register your domain and go back to the ‘Dashboard,’ you will find your sites, resource usage (visits, CDN usage, and disk usage), notifications, data transfer, and unique visits.


I wanted to test this out, so I got the premium migration


You can also find the Resource Center a bit below, but I’ll say a word or two about it a bit later.

Kinsta DNS

In the Main Menu, you will notice Kinsta DNS right under Migrations. In this section, you can add your first domain to Kinsta DNS. This is a premium service that comes for free in every customer’s account.


I wanted to test this out, so I got the premium migration


The DNS allows you to manage your zone records and use Amazon Route 53 for a more pleasant domain name resolving experience.

If you click on ‘Add your first domain,’ you will receive the following message.

I wanted to test this out, so I got the premium migration


This section is right below the Kinsta DNS one, and here you can find Resources, CDN Usage, Dispersion, Performance, Response, Cache, Geo & IP. This section also allows you to filter this data for the past 24 hours, seven days, 30 days, or the current month.


I wanted to test this out, so I got the premium migration



Another section that can be found in the Main Menu is ‘Company.’ In this section, you can check your plan and add-ons. Also, you can extend your plan’s disk space with a monthly add-on, or you can even upload your live environments’ backups to external providers. What’s more, you can cancel your hosting plan from this section too.


I wanted to test this out, so I got the premium migration



In the ‘Invoices’ section, your payments are classified as Paid and Upcoming. Due to this feature, you can easily keep track of future fees regarding your WordPress hosting services.


I wanted to test this out, so I got the premium migration


Payment Methods and Site Labels

Here, you can add a new card or payment method or delete an already existing one. In the following section, ‘Site Labels,’ you have an opportunity to check and modify your Billing Details or add a new label.


I wanted to test this out, so I got the premium migration


User Management

This section allows you to add new users or change existing permissions and specify for each user whether to have access to the whole company or only specific sites. In other words, I can give ownership to someone else in the company at any time.


I wanted to test this out, so I got the premium migration


Activity Log

It looks like we’ve come to the end of our Kinsta brand review. What an experience! The last section I’ll explain in this expert review is the ‘Activity Log.’ This section allows you to track your past activities on your ‘MyKinsta’ account. For the users who have more activity, this section also provides an option to filter the data by actions (Kinsta DNS, Site actions, Migrations, Billing, Kinsta admin actions, User management, Notifications), by sites, or by users. However, because I was just testing Kinsta hosting, there was no need for that.


I wanted to test this out, so I got the premium migration


Conclusion: Do we Recommend Kinsta?

Kinsta might be one of the best web host providers I’ve ever written a brand review about. So, the answer is yes. We definitely recommend using Kinsta for your website. By reading our Kinsta brand review, you will learn everything about this provider.

Kinsta hosting comes with excellent customer support, which is available in five native languages, and you can choose from various support types, as well as incredible performance. The uptime of 99.9%, the loading time of 1.2 seconds, and the website speed of 117 ms that Kinsta provides will make your website stand out from the rest and be better than you imagined. In terms of features, you will receive top security for your page due to the SSL certificates, firewalls, regular backups, and many other security options. What I personally loved while I was doing my Kinsta review was that the process of creating and setting up your account is very simple. Everything is well-explained, and when you look at the dashboard, you will see that everything is neat and well-organized.

If you are looking for the best for your website, then Kinsta is worth considering. If our expert review wasn’t enough, you can find hundreds of other customer reviews, as well as expert ones, and read their personal experience.

During April 2022, Kinsta:

  • Introduced Code Minification through Kinsta CDN.
  • Experienced Service Disruptions with MyKinsta.
  • Performed scheduled maintenance in the Sydney and Melbourne, Australia data centres.
  • Performed scheduled maintenance in the Warsaw, Poland data centre.
  • Performed scheduled maintenance in the London, England data centre.
  • Performed scheduled maintenance in the Osasco, São Paulo, Brazil data centre.
  • Performed scheduled maintenance in the Moncks Corner, South Carolina, and Ashburn, Virginia, US data centres.
  • Performed scheduled maintenance in the Salt Lake City, Utah, US datacenter.
  • Performed scheduled maintenance in the Dalles, Oregon and Las Vegas, Nevada, US data centres.
  • Performed scheduled maintenance in the Melbourne and Sydney, Australia data centres.
  • Performed scheduled maintenance in the Hong Kong and Tokyo and Osaka, Japan and Seoul, South Korea data centres.
  • Performed scheduled maintenance in the Hamina, Finland data centre.
  • Performed scheduled maintenance in the Frankfurt, Germany data centre.
  • Performed scheduled maintenance in the London, England data centre.
  • Performed scheduled maintenance temporarily affecting SSH access in the Frankfurt, Germany data centre.
  • Performed scheduled maintenance in the Montréal, Québec and Toronto, Ontario, Canada and Moncks Corner, South Carolina, US data centres.
  • Performed scheduled maintenance affecting CDN logging and the Kinsta website in all regions.
  • Performed scheduled maintenance temporarily affecting SSH access in the Council Bluffs, Iowa data centre.
  • Performed scheduled maintenance in the Council Bluffs, Iowa, US data centre.
  • Performed scheduled maintenance in MyKinsta.
  • Performed scheduled maintenance in the Sydney, Australia data centre.
  • Performed scheduled maintenance temporarily affecting SSH access in the Jurong West, Singapore data centre.
  • Experienced degraded performance with its MyKinsta Live Chat Support System.
  • Performed scheduled maintenance in the Los Angeles, California, US data centre.

During March 2022, Kinsta:

  • Experienced a service disruption that affected the TXT validation and verification process.
  • Performed maintenance in its Council Bluffs, Iowa data centre.
  • Performed maintenance in its Moncks Corner, South Carolina, US – Montréal, Québec, Canada and Toronto, Ontario, Canada data centres.
  • Performed maintenance in its Osasco, São Paulo, Brazil and Santiago, Chile data centres.
  • Performed maintenance in its London, England data centre.
  • Performed maintenance in its Saint-Ghislain, Belgium – Warsaw, Poland – London, England – Frankfurt, Germany – Eemshaven, Netherlands and Zürich, Switzerland data centres.
  • Performed maintenance in its Hamina, Finland data centre.
  • Performed maintenance in its Ashburn, Virginia data centre.
  • Performed maintenance in its Salt Lake City, Utah data centre.
  • Performed maintenance in its The Dalles, Oregon, US – Los Angeles, California, US and Las Vegas, Nevada, US data centres.
  • Performed maintenance in its Sydney and Melbourne, Australia data centres.
  • Performed maintenance in its Tokyo, Japan – Osaka, Japan and Seoul, South Korea data centres.
  • Performed maintenance in its Changhua County, Taiwan – Hong Kong – Jurong West, Singapore data centres.
  • Performed maintenance in its Jakarta, Indonesia data centre.

During February 2022, Kinsta:

  • Performed maintenance on its Frankfurt data centre.
  • Performed scheduled maintenance in the Tokyo, Osaka, and Seoul data centres.
  • Performed scheduled maintenance in the Montreal, Toronto, Ontario, and Ashburn data centres.
  • Performed scheduled maintenance in the Hamina and Zurich data centres.

During January 2022, Kinsta:

  • Performed a scheduled maintenance in its data centre in Council Bluffs, Iowa, U.S.A.
  • Announced that it is hiring an Email Marketing Specialist.
  • Offers a 20% discount on yoast’s WooCommerce SEO plugin with downloading its ebook.

During December 2021, Kinsta:

  • Reported four incidents, including a service disruption, and issues with its MyKinsta Support System.
  • Announced that PHP 8.1 is now available for all Kinsta customers.
  • Announced that WordLift is offering all Kinsta customers a 15% discount when they sign up before January 31st, 2022.
  • Announced that Selective Push is now available at Kinsta.
  • Announced that all Kinsta customers will receive a 15% discount on WordLift products.
  • Introduced Plugin and Theme Management in MyKinsta.
  • Introduced its enhanced site transfer tool.
  • Published its ebook on WordPress tips.
  • Introduced a new Affiliate dashboard.

During November 2021, Kinsta:

During October 2021, Kinsta:

During September 2021, Kinsta:

  • Had a total of 39 incidents, including maintenance, service disruption, and degraded performance

During August 2021, Kinsta:


What payment methods does Kinsta hosting support?

You can purchase any Kinsta hosting plan by paying with your Visa, Master Card, or American Express credit card, but unfortunately, you can’t use PayPal. You can also make wire transfers.

Can I cancel my hosting plan?

Yes, you can. Kinsta’s support is very helpful and friendly in terms of that, and thanks to their warm and welcoming access, you will be able to cancel your hosting plan in a couple of minutes.

Is Kinsta suitable for WordPress?

Kinsta has totally focused on WordPress, so the answer is yes. This web host provider might be the best WordPress hosting because it has servers designed for running it, software for managing multiple WordPress sites, and a support team trained to deal with it.

Is Kinsta worth the price?

Although Kinsta is a bit more expensive than you might be used to, it is indeed worth the money. You won’t regret a dollar you spend on this provider as it comes with extraordinary features, support, and performance, and it is also beginner-friendly.

How secure will my website be if I use Kinsta?

Kinsta provides a wide range of security features, such as SSL certificates, DDoS protection, two-factor authentication, firewalls, IP blocking, and a lot more. Your website will be secured like no other!

Does Kinsta charge for going over the limits?

Yes, it does. Initially, you will be notified if you are up to 80% of the limit, but you will be charged 1 per extra 1000 visits, $2 per extra 2 GB of disk space, and $0.1 of extra GB per content delivered via CDN. So, pay attention to that, or if you have a more extensive website, consider upgrading your hosting plan.

Kinsta Prices, Plans & Features - 2022

VPS Hosting Plans

Plan Name Space CPU RAM OS Price Score
Starter 10 GB - 0 B NZ$35.00 9.8 Details
Pro 20 GB - 0 B NZ$70.00 9.9 Details
Business 1 30 GB - 0 B NZ$115.00 9.7 Details
Business 2 40 GB - 0 B NZ$225.00 10 Details
Business 3 50 GB - 0 B NZ$340.00 9.9 Details
Business 4 60 GB - 0 B NZ$450.00 9.8 Details
Enterprise 1 100 GB - 0 B NZ$675.00 9.9 Details
Enterprise 2 150 GB - 0 B NZ$1,000.00 10 Details
Enterprise 3 200 GB - 0 B NZ$1,350.00 9.8 Details
Enterprise 4 250 GB - 0 B NZ$1,650.00 9.6 Details

Cloud Hosting Plans

Plan Name Space CPU RAM Bandwidth Price Score
Starter 10 GB - 0 B Unlimited NZ$35.00 9.8 Details

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