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Koddos Review - Expert and User Insights by Paid Customers

A few words from Koddos

We provide anonymous offshore hosting, VPS and dedicated servers as well as ddos protection solutions for our hosted clients as well as remote clients, datacenters or networks.
Koddos HomePage Screenshot
Money Back: 7 Days

Pricing Range

Shared Hosting NZ$14.31 - NZ$63.87
VPS NZ$15.97 - NZ$52.74
Dedicated Server NZ$143.89 - NZ$839.33

Data Centers

Koddos Awards

This award is given to hosting companies that have successfully passed our 99.9% uptime test
jeffrey hampers

Pinned Review

jeffrey hampers,
I contacted them while being under huge DDOS attack and down since 8 hours, they moved me in few minutes and my website was up again. I got severals others ddos attacks after my move with them but nev...Read Moreer been down, I congrats them for this as I know I received a 100 gigas dns attack having only a 5 giga protection plan with them, they didn't overcharged me...(apparently thousands of usd) Their support always replied me in less 20 minutes. I moved most of my websites with them now, their prices being very competitive. Nothing to cpmplain since a year.Less
Ross James
Ross James from Germany,

Great Support

I had some issue in start due to some confusion. Now I am using them and great experience. They reply late for support tickets. But still they are good and you can trust them.
Ishaaq Schmidt
Ishaaq Schmidt from Romania,

Perfect Network Uptime... Thanks!

As long as you know what you are doing, and understand how sites and domains work, you'll do fine. Koddos platform is reliable and their customer service used to be ok. It provides you with a website building software which contai...Read Morens some useful scripts. Reliable, easy to manage, a good interface, has done a stirling job for my client for over a year now.Less
Thanh Ledesma
Thanh Ledesma from South Africa,

They are always more than happy to negotiate

The services that Koddos offers are really excellent and cheap. I have been with them for a little over a year now, and the service is as excellent today as it was the day I signed up. Impeccable support, yes on weekends too, fast...Read More servers and very well priced. I recommend their ssd hosting service to others.Less
Hans Fuller
Hans Fuller from United States,

One of the worst hoster which is allowing scammers to operate and closing abuse ticket automatically

KODDOS is know as bullet proof by the Fakeshops and hence they are using it.
KODDOS is supporting this by closing existing tickets with " After 72h closed due to customer did not respond" ?!?!?!

Particular ticket :

[Ticket...Read More ID: 823386] Fakeshop " Medimox.net " is abusing people in Germayn with IBAN upfront payment and not shipping any goods at all IP: medimox.net ([])

But hey . It`S KODDOS: If you pay they do anything for the scammers !!! NOT A SINGLE ANSWER. PLEASE COMMENT !!!!!

One more fakeshop hosted by them :

IP locationBelize Amarutu Technology Ltd.
Cloudflair IP104.21.43.150
WHO ISwhois.domaintools.com/
IP PLESK31.220.40.62:8443/login_up.php?success_redirect_url=
HosterAS206264 AMARUTU-TECHNOLOGY, SC (registered Feb 22, 2017)

ABUSE Linkkoddos.net/clients/submitticket.php?step=2&deptid=5Wer
CommentKoddos mal wieder. Hängt zusammen mit medimox.net

I submitted the ticket and KODDOS did not even touch it and just closed it .

Current Fakeshops hosted by KODDOS medimox.net

Evidence :

IP locationNetherlands Amsterdam Amarutu Technology Ltd
Cloudflair IP172.67.129.91
WHO ISwhois.domaintools.com/
IP PLESK89.249.49.103:8443/login_up.php?success_redirect_url=
ABUSE Linkkoddos.net/clients/submitticket.php?step=2&deptid=5Wer
Hans Fuller
Hans Fuller,
No responds from KODDOS as usual

Next Fakeshop using the " perfect " service of KODDOS :


Hoster...Read MoreKODDOS
IP locationNetherlands Amsterdam Amarutu Technology Ltd


Our NL datacenter is located near Amsterdam, The Netherlands. The datacenter features full N+1 redundancy for electric, cooling, and network. The datacenter is staffed with certified technicians available 24/7 to ensure that all support issues are responded to quickly and efficiently.

Amsterdam has the largest concentration of data centres and network service providers in Europe. It offers comparably low latency to most of the continent.

Our network is fully redundant and completely built using Juniper equipment to ensure the highest uptime possible. We use multiple IP transit providers as well as many peering partners in order to ensure the lowest latency possible for your business.

Cloudflair IP104.21.50.112
WHO ISwhois.domaintools.com/
Young Landwehr
Young Landwehr

Pretty easy to get an account and get setup

I set up my site quite recently. I'm a complete newbie but Koddos was the only web host that was prepared to help me set up my website from start to finish. The customer support was amazing and I just want to say thank you to the tech guys! You rock!
Matt Shao
Matt Shao

Uptime and support have been excellent

In my opinion there is not better host than Koddos offshore VPS hosting, with the same price I mean. Great host, pricing is average, but support is the best I have seen, goes out of their way to make sure everything is working just right for you.
Rogelio Pilson
Rogelio Pilson

Would definintely recommend Koddos offshore hosting

As for me, the support is really good, no useless messages, only useful fast replies. After research available hosting providers, I have chosen Koddos because they offer feature-packed offshore hosting solutions at nice rates. Rea...Read Morelly, much more than I expected for inexpensive hosting. I receive emails whenever there's an update, change, or something else I should know about.Less

Expert Review

Delight Johnson
Delight Johnson
Hosting Expert

As an experienced hosting expert and website owner, I have put Koddos to the ultimate test to bring you this detailed review. In this in-depth assessment, I give you my honest thoughts on the performance, pricing, features, customer support, and value for money offered by Kodos.

Not sure of Koddos? Read till the end to get my recommendations and in-depth analysis.


Koddos Review

Koddos is a high-end hosting service known for their powerful security infrastructure that very effectively mitigates Distributed Denial-of-Service (DDoS) attacks and other malicious cyber activities. Their infrastructure is guaranteed to mitigate any form of DDoS attack, while also preventing network disruptions at the same time.

The company specializes in medium- to high-risk web hosting, advanced DDoS protection, and offshore shared, reseller, VPS, and dedicated server hosting. All of their plans give you access to a free domain & SSL, Raid-10 storage, attack filtering, 1-click app install for popular apps and a dedicated IP address, amongst others.

Koddos does not have a BBB rating (reserved for U.S companies). However, on Trustpilot, Koddos is rated 4.1 / 5.0 out of 20 reviews.


Pros and Cons


  • Fast DDoS mitigation system
  • Powerful Raid-10 storage
  • Simple dashboard/client area
  • Free domain and goodies
  • World-class customer service
  • Multiple hosting locations
  • Vast knowledgebase


  • Plans are not cheap
Pros and ConsKoddos is the perfect host if you’re big on security and performance. Their unrivaled security features and dedicated server management team will make sure your website is safe at all times. Check out their plans today.


Visit Koddos


Rating Breakdown

In order to give you an accurate representation of the hosting provider’s properties, our experts at HostAdvice have developed a standardized  hosting provider rating methodology that makes it easy to rate providers. Here we consider several important rating factors and assign a score based on how each hosting provider performs in the said parameter.

With that in mind, here are my ratings for Koddos:


ParameterScoreWhy we gave this score
PRICES8.0Koddos’s medium risk hosting starts at $39.99, which is a bit on the high side, but there are other plans as well. However, I’d give them a 8.0 because they offer four pricing tiers in each category.
FEATURES8.5Koddos is packed with features: different hosting packages, DDoS mitigation, Raid-10 storage, free domain and SSL, 1-click install for WordPress/popular apps, and a modern control panel. However, I’d rate them 8.5 because of their lack of CDN.
PERFORMANCE 9.0Excellent 256 ms response time, 99.9% uptime, SSD servers and storage, and great load times places Koddos at the top. I’d give them a 9.5 because they’re faster than the average host.
USER FRIENDLINESS8.5Custom cPanel, neat UI, and 1-click installs make the host very user-friendly. However, I’d give them an 8.5 because the cPanel may still look intimidating to hosting newbies.
SUPPORT9.0Live chat, ticketing, vast knowledgebase, and video tutorials. I’d give them a 9.0 because most hosts don’t offer video tutorials… and while that’s great, they don’t offer phone support.


Koddos Prices & Plans – 2023

Koddos has four hosting categories: medium risk, high risk, remote protection, and dedicated server. Each of these categories has four to five hosting plans. There’s also a colocation plan which allows you to house your own equipment in one of their locations.

As for refunds, only fully prepaid monthly fees may receive a 75% refund within 5 business days if a proper reason is provided. This is something you might have to consider before spending money on a hosting plan.

Once you’re ready to make payment, you can use either PayPal or a direct bank transfer (via credit cards).

Medium Risk

Plan nameSpaceBandwidthPanelNumber of sitesPrice (per month)
Medium Risk A10 GB50GBModern cPanel1$39.99
Medium Risk B15 GB75GBModern cPanel1$79.99
Medium Risk C20 GB100GBModern cPanel1$159.99
Medium Risk D30 GB200GBModern



I’d particularly recommend their Medium Risk C plan if you want to host a fairly big website. You get 20GB Raid-10 storage, 100GB of clean bandwidth and a ton of freebies – at $159.99/month.

Tip: Koddos’ medium risk plans are best suited for websites that are at “medium risk” of getting attacked. Choose these plans if security is important to you, but not a priority.

High Risk Shared Hosting

Plan nameSpaceBandwidthPanelNumber of sitesPrice (per month)
High Risk A10 GB100GBModern cPanel1$140.00
High Risk B15 GB150GBModern cPanel1$300.00
High Risk C20 GB200GBModern cPanel1$450.00
High Risk D30 GB400GBModern cPanel1$700.00

Koddos offers four plans under High Risk Shared Hosting. For High Risk C (which I recommend), you’re given 20GB storage, 200GB premium clean bandwidth, and a free domain name…plus other freebies.

Tip: Koddos’ high risk plans are best suited for websites that are at “high risk” of getting attacked, such as Educational databases. Choose any of these plans if you consider security a huge priority.

Remote DDos Protection

Plan nameSpaceBandwidthPanelNumber of sitesPrice (per month)
kProxyAN/A20,000 GBModern cPanelN/A$140.00
kProxyBN/A20,000 GBModern cPanelN/A$300.00
kProxyCN/A20,000 GBModern cPanelN/A$450.00
kProxyDN/A20,000 GBModern cPanelN/A$700.00

Koddos also offers DDoS remote DDoS protection as a service. By paying a setup fee of $50, you can have a proxy server installed specifically to add protection around your application, wherever it is hosted. The only difference in each of those plans is in maximum attack filtering and premium clean bandwidth.

Tip: Choose any of these plans if you want to protect your application/server/gameserver without needing to change hosting providers.

Dedicated Servers (DDoS Protected)

Plan nameSpaceBandwidthPanelNumber of sitesPrice (per month)
kDDS A2 x 960GB20TB to untetheredModern cPanel1$450.00
kDDS B2 x 960GB20TB to untetheredModern cPanel1$550.00
kDDS C2 x 240GB20TB to untetheredModern cPanel1$675.00
kDDS D2 x 480GB20TB to untetheredModern cPanel1$825.00
Tip: These plans are best suited for large sites that require dedicated resources, including a dedicated server management team.



  • Free domain & SSL
  • Free CloudFlare CDN
  • Raid-10 storage
  • Maximum attack filtering
  • DDoS mitigation
  • Free domain transfer
  • Unlimited MySQL, email and FTP
  • 1-click installs for popular apps
  • Free website builder

Koddos offers a ton of features but what I love most about the host is that they offer these features on all plans, across all categories. I’m talking about SSD storage, 1-click installs for popular apps, dedicated IP addresses and unlimited databases. The plans only vary in terms of disk space, bandwidth, and maximum attack filtering.

Final: Koddos Brand Review



When you’re considering a host, you should always consider its performance as it’ll have a direct impact on your website’s performance. When I talk about performance, I’m referring to these three metrics namely speed, uptime, and average fully loaded time.

  • Speed: I measure the host speed by its time to first byte (TTFB), which is how fast the host’s servers start delivering data to a user visiting your website.
  • Uptime: Most hosts offer a 99% percent uptime guarantee, which is pretty much the industry standard.

To measure Koddo’s performance, I tested Koddos.net, which is said to be hosted on Koddos.

The results were as follows:

On GTMetrix, the website had an excellent 250 ms and a fully loaded time of 1.0s. As for the overall performance, the website scored 83%:

Final: Koddos Brand Review

Keep in mind that only the TTFB and uptime give insights on the host. The fully loaded time is dependent on a host of factors, especially the website design and website structure.


Learn more about Koddos:


Level Of Support

Koddos offers an excellent support structure that features a live chat, a vast knowledgebase, and email contact form.

Live Chat

Live chat offers you a way to quickly connect with a Koddos support agent. You can find it on all pages. To use it, just click on the message icon on the bottom right corner of the page and the chatbox will be toggled open.

Inside the text input, type in your message and hit send. Your message will be enqueued and a support agent will respond to you when your turn arrives.

I tested their live chat out and the agent was super polite and helpful:

Final: Koddos Brand Review


If you’re more of a self-learner, then you’re in luck. Koddos offers a very detailed and broad knowledgebase containing tutorials and guides on almost anything regarding their hosting packages.

Final: Koddos Brand Review

Support ticket

If you can’t find a solution to your problem from their knowledgebase, you can always submit a ticket. When doing so, make sure to select the appropriate department to forward your email.

Final: Koddos Brand Review


You can reach Koddos support agents by telephone. The number to call is +852 3750 7973. This option is available 24/7.


Alternatively, you can submit your inquiries to Koddos’s official support email address –  support@koddos.net. They typically respond within minutes of sending the message, but please give it at least 24 hours to receive a response.


User-Friendliness – Ease of use


The registration process for Koddos is quite simple. Just submit your personal information and an account will be created for you.

From the homepage, simply click ‘Account’ and select ‘Register’ from the dropdown.

Final: Koddos Brand Review

In the next page, fill in your personal information

Final: Koddos Brand Review

When done, agree to the terms of service and click Submit. You’ll then be redirected to your client area.

Final: Koddos Brand Review

Now you can get started by ordering a new hosting service from Koddos and registering a new domain for your website.

Koddos Control Panel

I especially like Koddos’s client dashboard and cPanel package. Once you’re registered, you get access to Koddos’ intuitive dashboard that’s mobile friendly:

Final: Koddos Brand Review

From here, you can manage your hosting account on the go.

Koddos also provides you with a modern cPanel– the most popular backend control panel on the market for all your more technical tweaks and controls.

Installing WordPress on Koddos

Koddos offers 1-click install for WordPress on all of its plans, along with free website migration, and 1-click WordPress staging.

To install WordPress in the Koddos cPanel, you’ll use the Softaculous app installer in cPanel. In the installer, click on the WordPress logo and then click ‘Install Now’.

Final: Koddos Brand Review

After that, fill in the details – domain, website name, site meta description, admin password and email, then click ‘Install’.

And voila! WordPress is now installed.

Add Email Account on Koddos

You install an email account on Koddos from your cPanel.

Navigate to cPanel » Home » Email » Email Accounts, then click Create. To open a new interface. There, enter a new email address in the Username text box. For the Password, enter a strong password in the Password text box.

Click Create to create the account.


Conclusion: Do We Recommend Koddos?

Koddos is a very secure hosting provider for medium and high risk applications. You get so many features right off-the-bat. Koddos has an anti-DDoS system built into their infrastructure, not to mention other security mechanisms like dedicated IP address and maximum attack filtering.

I recommend Koddos as an excellent host overall with good value for money. They offer you fast Raid-10 powered servers that make your website load very quickly. My only issues with them will be that they don’t offer money back guarantee like many other hosts do.

Notwithstanding, I appreciate their smooth UI design and intuitive dashboard. These make it super easy to manage your hosting account and your website.


Is Koddos good for beginners?

Koddos is quite beginner-friendly. Their account management dashboard/client area is very easy to use, and so is their cPanel. It doesn’t matter if you’re a newbie or hosting expert, you’ll find Koddos easy to use.

Is Koddos secure?

Koddos does not joke around with security. In fact, the host utilizes modern technologies to secure your website from all kinds of attacks, from the simple ones to the sophisticated ones.

What are some good Koddos alternatives?

Some good Koddos alternatives are Hostinger, The Onion Host, Webcare360, and GoDaddy.

Koddos Prices, Plans & Features - 2023

Shared Hosting Plans

Plan Name Space Bandwidth Panel Number of Sites Price Score
Mini Plan A 20 GB 307.2 GB cPanel Unlimited NZ$14.31 3.8 Details
Plan A 40 GB 512 GB cPanel Unlimited NZ$23.90 1.0 Details
Plan B 60 GB 1 TB cPanel Unlimited NZ$41.49 4.6 Details
Plan C 80 GB 2 TB cPanel Unlimited NZ$63.87 4.6 Details

VPS Hosting Plans

Plan Name Space CPU RAM OS Price Score
VPS PLAN A 20 GB 1 x 2.20GHz 512 MB NZ$15.97 4.9 Details
VPS PLAN B 40 GB 1 x 2.20GHz 1 GB NZ$28.76 4.8 Details
VPS PLAN C 60 GB 1 x 2.20GHz 2 GB NZ$39.95 5.0 Details
VPS PLAN D 80 GB 2 x 2.20GHz 4 GB NZ$52.74 4.6 Details

Dedicated Server Plans

Plan Name Space CPU RAM OS Price Score
E3-1230-16GB-1TB-SATA 1000 GB 4 x 3.40GHz 15.6 GB NZ$143.89 4.6 Details
E3-1230v6-32GB-2x480GB-SSD 960 GB 4 x 3.50GHz 31.25 GB NZ$191.85 4.6 Details
E-2334G-960GB-NVMe-1Gbps 960 GB 4 x 3.40GHz 31.25 GB NZ$215.83 4.6 Details
E3-1280v6-32GB-2x500GB-SSD 1000 GB 4 x 3.90GHz 31.25 GB NZ$247.80 4.6 Details
E-2356G-960GB-NVMe-1Gbps 960 GB 6 x 3.20GHz 62.5 GB NZ$303.76 4.6 Details
E-2388G-960GB-NVMe-1Gbps 960 GB 8 x 3.20GHz 62.5 GB NZ$335.73 4.6 Details
Dual-E5-2680v4-128GB-2x512GB-SSD-1Gbps 1000 GB 28 x 2.40GHz 125 GB NZ$343.73 4.6 Details
Dual-Gold-6138-128GB-960GB-NVMe-1Gbps 960 GB 40 x 2.00GHz 125 GB NZ$511.59 4.6 Details
HKS A 1 TB - 8 GB NZ$239.81 4.6 Details
HKS B 1 TB - 16 GB NZ$375.70 4.6 Details
HKS C 240 GB - 37.5 GB NZ$631.50 5.0 Details
HKS D 480 GB - 64 GB NZ$839.33 4.6 Details

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