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VPS NZ$20.82 - NZ$356.26
Cloud Hosting NZ$23.13 - NZ$370.14

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יונתן פרומי

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יונתן פרומי,
אני מאוד נהניתי לעבוד על התוכנה והאתר עובד נהדר. אל החברה הגעתי אחרי המלצה מהמתכנת בק אנד הראשון שהיה לנו ומאז נשארנו איתם.
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Złodzieje, uwaga na karty kredytowe.

Piszą że hosting aplikacji WEB darmowy po czym z konta znika 140 Euro. Azure może poinformować o zmianie darmowych usług lub nie... Przy zakładaniu konta Azure w przeciwieństwie chociażby do Webio wymagają podania danych karty kredytowej, gdyż z góry planują sprać klienta.
Jason Erickson
Jason Erickson from United States,

Most the reviews are questionable

We have been a AZURE partner for some time now and after reading the reviews here I see a common thread. Lack of trained MST Partner who can assist with securing the platform. Azure is a platform that can do most anything. And ...Read Morethere is the underlying problem; Azure can be very complex. Wildly guessing at packages and taking a stab at the platform can lead you to disaster. Misconfiguration is the number one issue most people have. If you are going to be deploying a professional environment seek out a AZURE pro to help.

Configured correctly and built out with the correct packages Azure is, in my opinion, the most reliable and power platform available right now.
Guy Roland
Guy Roland from Cote D'ivoire,

Facturation incompréhensible - C'est du vol!

Ils te disent que les services sont gratuits pendant 12 mois.
Tu vas dans la section 'services gratuits', tu choisis base sql server, tu crée ta base et 2 mois ils te tendent une facture incompréhensible de 144 dollars!
Ils te f...Read Moreont croire que tu n'as pas choisi la bonne option et que tu as réservé l'infrastructure, l'option pay-as-you-go était masqué!
C'est quoi cette arnaque?
Alex Phipps
Alex Phipps from United Kingdom,

Costly Breach of Security

After being a client for over 4 years, we have recently experience the worst service. Our cloud server was used by an outside IP address to hotspot and transferred data. Appealed the costs and asked for help on numerous occasions ...Read Moreto be passed from one 'adviser' to another. We have suffered over £5,000.00 in fees due to the cloud being hacked and we've recently been offered 2,000USD which calculates to £1,500.00 in GBP. Massively disappointing in the service and now having to look elsewhere.Less
Soroush Mir
Soroush Mir from Canada,

Stay away They steal your money!

Worst Company of all time. I have spent $30K with them over the course of 2 years and when I was done with them I asked them multiple time to stop charging me and eliminate all of my services as their platform is SUPER complicated...Read More. They have been charging me $400 to $500 every month for the last 6 months. No matter what I do, I cannot get them to stop charging me. I am gonna take legal action against these thieves! Stop harassing and stealing people!!!!Less
James Turner
James Turner from Viet Nam,

Support is simply horrendous.

Nothing wrong with the hosted solution itself. But a simple request: transfer admin priviledges from someone leaving the company to the new administrator has spawned literally 61 emails (I counted) on 8 different threads. And it i...Read Mores still not resolved and I think I am still being double billed. THIS IS BASIC STUFF, FIGURE IT OUT MICROSOFT. I don't have anything complicated in Azure, about 20 servers, some support. I get calls every week from a well meaning but confused support contact who is doing his best to talk to the other Microsoft helpdesks. He can't help me.

As an IT lead, this reason alone is making me consider the effort to move to AWS.

Expert Review

Michael Levanduski
Michael Levanduski
Expert Hosting Writer & Tester

Expert Overview

Quality Cloud Solutions

Azure from Microsoft is a cloud services platform that can help individuals and businesses build up their digital properties and find more success. For those interested in web hosting, the main service from Azure is the content delivery network. In addition, they have media services, web apps, API apps, and more that can help make running many types of businesses far easier than it otherwise would be. If you are looking for a traditional hosting solution for your website, this is not it. This is more of a complimentary set of services to help support your main site.

The content delivery network from Azure, for example, allows people to load files to their website from the Azure servers. This is important for larger files, or very busy sites. The Azure system helps support millions of sites, including some that receive billions of requests per month. For those looking for the type of services offered here, they do a great job.



Rated by Michael Levanduski

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Uptime & Reliability

Extraordinary Stability on All Systems

One of the biggest benefits of using a content delivery network, or any of the services offered on this platform, is increased stability. Since you are using the data centers and other infrastructure of Microsoft, you know that it will be stable. Microsoft operates some of the world’s most advanced systems, and depending on what services you need, you will be harnessing that type of power for your site. This is a great service for those who need it.


Lots of High Quality Features to Choose From

You can use one, or all, of the different features that are offered by Azure. This includes options for monitoring and managing your IT systems, tools for software developers, security options that can help keep your digital properties safe, and much more. Most people who use this type of system know what they are looking for and can come in and find it right away.

All the different features are very high quality and will get the job done no matter what you are looking for. The Azure platform is one of the top five solutions like this, and since all the features are backed by Microsoft, you can be confident that everything will be up and running smoothly at all times.


Excellent User Support

Microsoft doesn’t always have the best reputation for user support, but in this case they really do a great job. Most people won’t ever need to contact the support team because the systems are very stable and work quite well. They also post a lot of documentation and answers to questions on their support page so you can find what you need and keep everything working just the way you want it.


Pricing Based on What You Need

Unlike most hosting options that have set packages that you will pick from, Azure is much more of a ‘pay for what you need’ solution. For those who just need a good app service, there is no charge at all. Virtual machines cost $13 per month, and hosting SQL databases is just $4.99 per month. Anyone who needs services like these will want to go through each individual feature that they need and determine what the total price will be. Compared to other companies that offer similar services, however, it is clear that the prices with Azure are quite competitive.

User Friendly

Very Friendly User Interface

Whether you’re just signing up for just one of their features, or you need a bunch of them, you will find that everything is very friendly for the user. Their interfaces are easy to interact with, the website gives a good description of what each feature does, and most people don’t have any trouble using their system at all. It is important to note that some of these features are designed specifically for advanced (enterprise level) users, so depending on your area of expertise, it may be a little complex. For most people, however, it won’t be a problem.


High Quality Digital Services Platform

This is one of the most complete and high-quality digital services platforms out there. Microsoft is a leader in the cloud industry and the Azure system is a great example of what all these cloud solutions can do. Anyone who wants to take their website, apps, or other digital systems to the next level would be wise to considering adding some of the great features to their library.


  • Lots of Advanced Features
  • Very Reasonable Pricing
  • Run by Microsoft


  • Not for those who don’t like Microsoft

Microsoft Azure Prices, Plans & Features - 2023

VPS Hosting Plans

Plan Name Space CPU RAM OS Price Score
A0 20 GB 1 core 768 MB NZ$20.82 2.3 Details
A0 20 GB 1 core 768 MB NZ$20.82 2.3 Details
A1 40 GB 1 core 1.75 GB NZ$43.95 2.3 Details
A1 40 GB 1 core 1.75 GB NZ$71.72 2.3 Details
A2 60 GB 2 cores 3.5 GB NZ$98.32 2.3 Details
A2 60 GB 2 cores 3.5 GB NZ$160.79 1.0 Details
A3 120 GB 4 cores 7 GB NZ$217.45 4.4 Details
A3 120 GB 4 cores 7 GB NZ$356.26 2.4 Details

Cloud Hosting Plans

Plan Name Space CPU RAM Bandwidth Price Score
A0 20 GB 1 core 768 MB Unlimited NZ$23.13 2.0 Details
A1 40 GB 1 core 1.75 GB Unlimited NZ$92.54 2.3 Details
A2 60 GB 2 cores 3.5 GB Unlimited NZ$185.07 2.3 Details
A2 120 GB 4 cores 7 GB Unlimited NZ$370.14 2.3 Details

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