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Shinjiru Review - Expert and User Insights by Paid Customers

A few words from Shinjiru

Started in 2000, Shinjiru is one of the oldest web hosting provider in the market. Shinjiru is the only offshore web hosting provider that has ISO 9001:2008 quality assurance level, multiple awards and recognitions. Shinjiru's mission is to protect privacy, a fundamental human right. We are one of the most experienced offshore web hosting companies in the world, with 8 offshore...Read More locations, our own Anti-DDoS Attack network, own dedicated servers and IP addresses, not to forget, an ICANN accredited domain Registrar, in addition to an in-house technical support team operating 24/7 to monitor and attend to all of your web services.Less
Shinjiru HomePage Screenshot
Money Back: 30 Days

Pricing Range

Shared Hosting NZ$6.14 - NZ$31.02
VPS NZ$18.50 - NZ$76.02
Dedicated Server NZ$77.58 - NZ$870.55
DDoS Protection Services NZ$155.31 - NZ$777.19


99.9% Uptime

Data Centers

Shinjiru Awards

Andrey Rev

Pinned Review

Andrey Rev,
Самый лучший хостинг провайдер на мой взгляд.Хорошая скорость и стабильность работы.Технически грамотная поддержка.
SOKU JAP from Japan,

SSL switcched

I switched from paid SSL to free SSL.
I am a web novice, but the support was excellent and the solution went smoothly with no problems.
I definitely recommend web novices to use this service.
Alan Save
Alan Save from France,

Realy good provider !

I subscribe 2 months ago and i realy love this hosting provider !
This is now my top one hosting and i realy tell everybody to take a server here because of the good price, support, server and all theses realy good stuff !
Thanks you !
Andrew tate
Andrew tate from Canada,

domains hosting trpubleshooting really paiin in the behind would recommend to new users

really good troubleshooting expert solved my request in a matter of minutes now just waiting on upcomming results to see if everything worked out perfectly. Hope it does really greeat customer service
Tisil K Kodithottam
Tisil K Kodithottam from India,

Best Offshore VPS Hosting

I have hosted with different VPS providers, but the best among them was Shinjiru. I was in specific need of Offshore VPS Hosting due to the nature of my project. I had the habit of changing hosting providers often, as many offshor...Read Moree hosting providers lack quality. But once I started to host with Shinjiru (from 30 November 2013 onwards), I never changed my hosting provider. Initially, there were issues like downtime and payment gateway problems, but I contacted their support, and always, they resolved the issue as fast as they could.

I recommend those who need good Offshore Hosting choose Shinjiru due to the following reasons:
(1) A quality Offshore Hosting Provider who greatly fulfills Offshore Hosting needs rather than fake advertisements.
(2) Reasonably priced Offshore VPS plans.
(3) Reliable Hosting with absolutely no downtime.
(4) Good support via skype chat and support tickets.
(5) Multiple payment options.

Above is my honest review of the Shinjiru Offshore VPS Hosting Plan (VPS Pro), which I have been using for the past three years. So, if you are looking for a good Offshore Host, it's worth checking Shinjiru compared to many other unreliable Hosting Providers. Thank you for reading my review ...!!
Energisk87 Dev
Energisk87 Dev from Sweden,

Great hosting with great support =)

I think their support is great and quick in response, the hosting is great and works as intended. Any problems we have had is from our part not theirs so far mostly besides a server freeze but that could be my fault as well for no...Read Moret rebooting when updating things.

Overall great, some small things that i would like to have been informed on as of ordering but other than that it is one of the better so far :)

Expert Review

Bruno Mirchevski
Bruno Mirchevski
Hosting Expert

As a hosting expert and website owner, I’ve come across the Shinjiru hosting provider and its unique web hosting plans. I decided to do a comprehensive review to see if they provide the right value to customers.

In the rest of this article, I will share my honest thoughts on the host’s pricing, features, support, user-friendliness, and performance (server speed stats). If you plan to host your website on Shinjiru, keep reading to see why we recommend them!

Shinjiru Review

Shinjiru is a leading offshore web hosting provider founded in 2000. Their biggest USP is the provision of top-level offshore hosting which includes tight website security, and absolute privacy.

Shinjiru’s headquarters is located in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and they have  data centers in 8 countries. They offer shared, VPS, dedicated, and WordPress hosting.

Shinjiru is not a North American business and therefore isn’t listed in the BBB directory. On Trustpilot, the company has 154 reviews and customers rated it 4.7 out of 5.

Pros and Cons


  • Affordable web hosting plans
  • Offshore hosting; absolute privacy guaranteed
  • Top-level security features
  • Superfast server speeds


  • User-friendliness could better
  • Slow customer support

Pros and ConsShinjiru has the best offshore hosting packages for businesses of all sizes. With affordable plans, excellent support and global data centers. Want to host your website on an offshore server? Check out Shinjiru today!

Visit Shinjiru

Rating Breakdown

At HostAdvice, our experts have developed a hosting rating guide that measures and gives scores on how hosting providers perform so you can pick the perfect one for your business.

ParameterScoreWhy we gave this score
PRICES8.5Shinjiru puts a fair price on all its hosting plans and you get a 30-day money-back guarantee if you choose to opt-out. I scored them 8.5 because their boosted plans are a bit expensive.
FEATURES9.0Shinjiru comes with unique features like the Litespeed technology. They also have extensive security which includes SiteLock, Immunity360, and so on. I rated them 9 because basic plans don’t come with DDoS protection.
PERFORMANCE7.5Shinjiru has a fair 475ms response time. However, I gave them 7.5 because their overall performance is 70% and their loading time is more than the maximum 2s standard (2.3s)
USER-FRIENDLINESS6.0Shinjiru’s website UI could do better with a little improvement. Also, the registration process and dashboard are a bit clumsy. However, I will give them a 6 because they use the modern cPanel.
SUPPORT5.0Shinjiru offers live chat, email, ticketing, website enquiry form, and knowledgebase support. I gave them 5 because none of their support channels gives quick responses (including live chat)


Shinjiru Prices & Plans – 2023

Shinjiru offers shared, VPS, dedicated, and WordPress hosting. It also offers other unique hosting packages like email hosting and bitcoin hosting.

The company offers a 30-day money-back guarantee on all its products. If you want to sign up for the website, you can pay using Mastercard, Visa, Payza, PerfectMoney, Wired Transfer, Western Union, PayPal, and Bitcoin.


Shared Hosting

Budget Offshore Hosting

Plan nameSpaceBandwidthPanelNumber of sitesPrice
Basic Plan100 GBUnmeteredcPanel1$3.95
Superior Plan250 GBUnmeteredcPanel2$4.95
Ultimate PlanUnlimitedUnmeteredcPanelUnlimited$6.95

Shinjiru lists its superior plan as the most popular shared budget offshore hosting package. On this plan, you get 50 email accounts, LiteSpeed technology, and Uninterrupted uptime. You also get to choose your preferred server location.

Tip: Shinjiru’s shared budget offshore hosting is the most affordable in its hosting stack and it is perfect for small businesses looking to save cost.

Strongbolt Offshore Hosting

Plan nameSpaceBandwidthPanelNumber of sitesPrice
Strongbolt One100 GBUnmeteredcPanel1$8.95
Strongbolt Two250 GBUnmeteredcPanel2$14.95
Strongbolt Five500 GBUnmeteredcPanel5$19.95

Shinjiru recommends the Strongbolt Two plan for this category. Here, you get to enjoy extra security features like private hidden DNS, advanced DDoS protection, and private hidden IP addresses on your shared hosting package.

Tip: Shinjiru’s shared Strongbolt hosting is perfect for online businesses who want an extra layer of security for their website

VPS Hosting

Plan NameSpaceBandwidthPanelNumber of sitesPrice
VPS Basic25 GB1Gbps Unmetered bandwidthcPanelUnlimited$11.90
VPS Standard50 GB1Gbps Unmetered bandwidthcPanelUnlimited$16.90
VPS Pro75 GB1Gbps Unmetered bandwidthcPanelUnlimited$24.90
VPS Premium100 GB1Gbps Unmetered bandwidthcPanelUnlimited$31.90

Shinjiru recommends its VPS standard plan in its VPS hosting category. This package offers you on-demand OS reinstallation, remote console management, and 1 IP address.

Tip: Shinjiru’s VPS hosting plan is perfect for growing businesses that deal with sensitive customer data.

Dedicated Hosting

Plan nameSpaceBandwidthPanelNumber of sitesPrice
Core i5 Old Gen1 TB (HDD)1Gbps UnmeteredcPanelUnlimited$49.90
Core i5 New Gen HDD1 TB (HDD)1Gbps UnmeteredcPanelUnlimited$59.90
Core i5 New Gen SSD256GB SSD1Gbps UnmeteredcPanelUnlimited$79.90
Core i7 Old Gen1 TB (HDD)1Gbps UnmeteredcPanelUnlimited$79.90
Core i7 New Gen HDD1 TB (HDD)1Gbps UnmeteredcPanelUnlimited$99.90
Core i7 New Gen SSD512GB SSD1Gbps UnmeteredcPanelUnlimited$119.90
Core i9 9900K512GB SSD1Gbps UnmeteredcPanelUnlimited$139.90
Core i9 10900K512GB SSD1Gbps UnmeteredcPanelUnlimited$209.90
Core i9 11900K512GB SSD1Gbps UnmeteredcPanelUnlimited$219.90
XEON QUAD CORE E3 – 4 Cores2 TB HDD1Gbps


XEON QUAD CORE E3X – 4 Cores  2 x 2 TB HDD1Gbps


2 x XEON QUAD CORE E5 – 8 Cores2 x 2TB HDD1Gbps


2 x XEON HEX CORE E5X – 12 Cores2 x 256GB SSD1Gbps


2 x XEON DECA CORE E5X – 20 Cores2 x 512 SSD1Gbps


2 x XEON DODECA CORE E5X – 24 Cores2 x 1TB SSD1Gbps



Shinjiru doesn’t recommend any particular plan in its offshore dedicated hosting category. You get to enjoy superfast INTEL and DELL servers and you can sign up anonymously to ensure your privacy is protected.

Tip: Shinjiru’s offshore dedicated hosting plan is perfect for large institutions (schools, hospitals) that want to stay anonymous while enjoying all the benefits of advanced web hosting.

WordPress Hosting

Plan NameSpaceBandwidthPanelNumber of sitesPrice
WordPress One30GB100GBcPanel1$5.95


WordPress Five100GBUnmeteredcPanel5$11.95

Shinjiru’s WordPress hosting comes with many unique features. Some of them include Imunify360 for malware protection, LiteSpeed technology for faster load times, and a web application firewall.

Tip: Shinjiru’s WordPress hosting plans are ideal for customers who want to enjoy the full benefits of WordPress on an offshore website.


Shinjiru Features

  • Shared; VPS; Dedicated; WordPress hosting
  • 1 – click WordPress installs
  • Free SSL certificate
  • Free Migration
  • LiteSpeed Technology
  • Intel/Dell dedicated servers

Shinjiru has a few unique features and one of them is the Litespeed technology. This technology gives you 84x faster page loads than regular Apache or NGINX programs. You also get to select server country locations on basic plans and choose between Linux and Windows hosting.

Final: Shinjiru brand review

Dedicated hosting plans use high-level Intel and Dell servers and they come with advanced DDoS protection. WordPress hosting is protected with Immunify360, Jetbackup, and Web Application Firewall.



Before you pitch your tent with any web hosting provider, there are three important performance metrics you must consider. They are server speed, uptime, and loading time.

Shinjiru offers customers a 99.99% uptime guarantee. I tested the server speed and loading time of the host using GTMetrix. The test was carried out on tutflix.org – a website hosted on Shinjiru.

These were the results:

Tutflix.org had a good response time (time to first byte) of 475ms and a fully loaded time of 2.3s.

The website had an average overall performance of 70%:

Final: Shinjiru brand review


Level Of Support

Shinjiru has live chat (skype), knowledgebase, ticketing, enquiry form, and email support.

Live chat

I tried starting a live chat on Skype to see how effective the support is.

Final: Shinjiru brand review

I sent them a message after I logged in and waited for the agent to accept the invitation.

Final: Shinjiru brand review

After waiting for almost an hour with no response, I closed the chat. Safe to say that live chat support is not the best way to reach Shinjiru.

Support tickets

Shinjiru also has online ticketing support.

Final: Shinjiru brand review

I tried submitting a ticket and it led me here:

Final: Shinjiru brand review

I clicked on ‘Next’ and it loaded a page where I can comprehensively outline my hosting problems and then submit.

Final: Shinjiru brand review

Support will give a detailed response to your ticket during working hours.

A vast knowledgebase

Folks who enjoy self-learning will find Shinjiru’s knowledgebase support useful. I know I did!

Final: Shinjiru brand review

Email support

If you prefer email support, Shinjiru has a couple of emails for different purposes.

Final: Shinjiru brand review

Website Enquiry Form

You can also fill out their enquiry form and the support team will reach out to you in 24 hours.

Final: Shinjiru brand review


User-Friendliness – Ease of use


To get started on Shinjiru, select a web hosting plan on their home page and click on ‘Learn More’.
Final: Shinjiru brand review

Pick your preferred plan to proceed to the registration page. Here, you will register your domain, fill in personal details, confirm your order and make payment.

Final: Shinjiru brand review

When you are done with that process, you can then log in to your account management dashboard and access cPanel.

Shinjiru Control Panel

Shinjiru employs the modern cPanel control panel to help manage your databases, files, emails, domains and so much more.

Final: Shinjiru brand review

Installing WordPress on Shinjiru

You can install WordPress on Shinjiru using the Softaculous app installer.

Log in to your cPanel and click the ‘Softaculous Apps Installer button.

Final: Shinjiru brand review

Click on WordPress and fill out your installation details.

Final: Shinjiru brand review

When you are done cross-checking your details click on ‘Install’ and complete.

Final: Shinjiru brand review

Add an email account with Shinjiru

You can add an email in your cPanel when you sign up for any plan on Shinjiru.

Log into your cPanel, go to the email section and click ‘Email Accounts

Final: Shinjiru brand review

Click on ‘Create’ to add a new email.

Final: Shinjiru brand review

You will need to fill in your domain, username, password, storage, and other details before you can add the email.

Final: Shinjiru brand review

Click Create when you are done and access your new email.

Final: Shinjiru brand review


Conclusion: Do We Recommend Shinjiru?

If you are looking to host your website outside your home country for privacy, human rights, or other reasons, I’d tip Shinjiru as your ideal web host. This web host is an expert in offshore hosting and you are guaranteed absolute privacy with them. Their data centers are located in 8 different countries and their basic plans are affordable.

Shinjiru uses Litespeed technology to improve website performance and allow for quicker loading time. They also employ extensive security resources like advanced DDoS protection, Imunify360, Web application firewall, JetBackUp, and SSL certificates to keep your website safe.

If security and anonymity are major requirements for your web host, go for Shinjiru.


Does Shinjiru offer offshore hosting?

Shinjiru is one of the biggest offshore hosting providers available today. They offer shared, VPS, WordPress, and Dedicated offshore hosting to overseas customers looking for absolute privacy.

Does Shinjiru use cPanel?

Shinjiru employs the modern cPanel to aid customers in managing emails, domains, files, databases, and so on.

Who owns Shinjiru?

Shinjiru was founded by Terence Choong in 2000. He serves as its CEO till today (January 2023)

Is Shinjiru better than Hostinger?

Shinjiru is a better offshore web hosting provider than Hostinger. However, Hostinger’s server speed is far better and they also allow you to choose a foreign data center for your website.

Shinjiru Prices, Plans & Features - 2023

Shared Hosting Plans

Plan Name Space Bandwidth Panel Number of Sites Price Score
Linux Basic Plan 100 GB Unlimited cPanel 1 NZ$6.14 4.7 Details
Linux Superior Plan 250 GB Unlimited cPanel 2 NZ$7.70 4.7 Details
Standard Linux Ultimate Plan Unlimited Unlimited cPanel Unlimited NZ$10.81 4.9 Details
Strongbolt One 100 GB Unlimited cPanel 1 NZ$13.91 4.7 Details
Strongbolt Two 250 GB Unlimited cPanel 2 NZ$23.24 4.6 Details
Strongbolt Five 500 GB Unlimited cPanel 5 NZ$31.02 4.7 Details
Wordpress One 30 GB Unlimited cPanel 1 NZ$9.25 5.0 Details
Wordpress Two 50 GB Unlimited cPanel 2 NZ$12.36 1.0 Details
Wordpress Five 100 GB Unlimited cPanel 5 NZ$18.58 5.0 Details
Windows Basic Plan 100 GB Unlimited Plesk 1 NZ$6.14 4.7 Details
Windows Superior Plan 250 GB Unlimited Plesk 2 NZ$7.70 4.7 Details
Windows Ultimate Plan Unlimited Unlimited Plesk Unlimited NZ$10.81 5.0 Details

VPS Hosting Plans

Plan Name Space CPU RAM OS Price Score
VPS Basic 25 GB - 1 GB NZ$18.50 4.8 Details
VPS Standard 50 GB - 2 GB NZ$26.27 4.9 Details
VPS Professional 75 GB - 4 GB NZ$38.71 4.9 Details
VPS Premium 100 GB - 8 GB NZ$49.59 5.0 Details
VPS Basic + NGINX + Vesta CP 25 GB - 1 GB NZ$23.16 4.7 Details
VPS Standard + NGINX + Vesta CP 50 GB - 2 GB NZ$30.94 4.7 Details
VPS Pro + NGINX + Vesta CP 75 GB - 4 GB NZ$43.38 4.7 Details
VPS Premium + NGINX + Vesta CP 100 GB - 8 GB NZ$54.26 4.7 Details
VPS BASIC + WHM + CPANEL 25 GB - 1 GB NZ$44.93 4.7 Details
VPS Standard + WHM + CPANEL 50 GB - 2 GB NZ$52.70 5.0 Details
VPS Pro + WHM + CPANEL 75 GB - 4 GB NZ$65.14 4.7 Details
VPS Premium + WHM + CPANEL 100 GB - 8 GB NZ$76.02 5.0 Details
VPS Standard Windows 50 GB - 2 GB NZ$26.27 5.0 Details
VPS Professional Windows 75 GB - 4 GB NZ$38.71 4.9 Details
VPS Premium Windows 100 GB - 8 GB NZ$49.59 5.0 Details
VPS Standard + PLESK 50 GB - 2 GB NZ$43.22 4.7 Details
VPS Pro + PLESK 75 GB - 4 GB NZ$55.66 4.7 Details
VPS Premium + PLESK 100 GB - 8 GB NZ$66.54 4.7 Details

Dedicated Server Plans

Plan Name Space CPU RAM OS Price Score
CORE i5 Old Gen 1 TB 1 x 3.00GHz 16 GB NZ$77.58 4.8 Details
CORE i5 New Gen 1 TB - 16 GB NZ$93.13 4.6 Details
CORE i5 New Gen SSD 256 GB 2 x 3.00GHz 16 GB NZ$124.22 4.9 Details
CORE i7 Old Gen 1000 GB - 16 GB NZ$124.22 4.7 Details
CORE i7 New HDD 1000 GB - 16 GB NZ$155.31 4.7 Details
CORE i7 New Gen SSD 256 GB 4 x 3.00GHz 32 GB NZ$186.41 5.0 Details
CORE i9 Old Gen 512 GB - 64 GB NZ$295.24 4.7 Details
CORE i9 - 9900K 512 GB - 64 GB NZ$217.50 5.0 Details
CORE i9 - 10900K 512 GB - 64 GB NZ$326.33 4.7 Details
XEON QUAD CORE E3 - 4 Cores 2 TB 4 x 3.00GHz 16 GB NZ$139.77 4.9 Details
XEON QUAD CORE E3X - 4 Cores 4 TB 4 x 3.00GHz 32 GB NZ$186.41 5.0 Details
XEON QUAD CORE E3X - 4 Cores 4 TB 4 cores 64 GB NZ$233.05 4.0 Details
2 x XEON QUAD CORE E5 - 8 Cores 2 TB 8 cores 32 GB NZ$466.25 4.8 Details
2 x XEON HEX CORE E5X - 12 Cores 2 TB 12 cores 64 GB NZ$652.89 2.4 Details
2 x XEON DECA CORE E5X - 20 Cores 2 TB 20 cores 128 GB NZ$870.55 4.8 Details

DDoS Protection Plans

Plan Name Features Number of Sites Price Score
DDos Protection Basic
200 Mbps Protection
Unlimited Amount of Attacks
Website Application Firewall (WAF)
Performance Optimization (CDN)
Network (Layer 3/4) DDoS Protection
Http & Https Layer 7 DDoS Protection
High Availability/Load Balancing
Firewall – HTTPS & PCI Compliant
NO SSL Certificate Support
Multiple Caching Level
1 NZ$155.31 4.7 Details
DDos Protection Superior
500 Mbps Protection
Unlimited Amount of Attacks
Website Application Firewall (WAF)
Performance Optimization (CDN)
Network (Layer 3/4) DDoS Protection
Http & Https Layer 7 DDoS Protection
High Availability/Load Balancing
Firewall – HTTPS & PCI Compliant
SSL Certificate Support
Multiple Caching Level
1 NZ$466.25 4.7 Details
DDos Protection Ultimate
Unlimited Gbps Protection
Unlimited Amount of Attacks
Website Application Firewall (WAF)
Performance Optimization (CDN)
Network (Layer 3/4) DDoS Protection
Http & Https Layer 7 DDoS Protection
High Availability/Load Balancing
Firewall – HTTPS & PCI Compliant
SSL Certificate Support
Multiple Caching Level
1 NZ$777.19 4.6 Details

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