How To Host Websites For Clients - (Most Efficiently)

How To Host Websites For Clients: Essential Steps to Success

It can be difficult, time-consuming, and expensive to find a perfect web hosting service for each client separately. They have different requirements – if the client’s website is resource-intensive, you may need a different type of hosting than someone who just has a small blog.

Managing those accounts afterward requires custom domain settings, DNS configurations and more – so you have to be prepared.

As a freelance web developer, software house owner, or entrepreneur, you can easily handle these problems by reselling your own branded web hosting services in your package. How, you ask?

You simply have to choose a reliable reseller hosting provider, sign up and buy a plan. Offering hosting services in addition to your normal service offerings can truly help build client loyalty over time – so why not give it a shot?

Best Reseller Hosting Providers to Choose From

ProviderUser ratingDiscounts 
4.820% Off on 1st OrderVisit Verpex Hosting
4.830 Day Money-Back GuaranteeVisit Kamatera
5.075% Off on Reseller PlansVisit ChemiCloud
  • Becoming a web hosting reseller is an effective way to increase your profit and provide your clients with more value-added services.
  • Setting up a reseller business requires identifying your target market, creating brand identity, leveraging social media platforms for promotion, and monitoring performance metrics.
  • Selecting the right plan from good reseller hosting providers such as Verpex, Kamatera or ChemiCloud or  can help you get started quickly and affordably.
  • Reselling offers many benefits including improved speed & uptime; better security; hassle-free website setup; access to expert teams & 24/7 support plus potential profits if done efficiently.

Why Should You Host Your Client’s Website?

By hosting your client’s website, you’re offering more than just space on a server. You’re providing a range of advantages that can streamline their online presence and enhance their site’s performance:

  • Specialized Support: Direct access to an expert team ready to solve challenges.
  • Tailored Resources: Customized functionalities suited to their specific needs.
  • Hassle-Free Experience: They can avoid the tedious task of finding and managing a reliable host.
  • Expert Oversight with Reseller Hosting: Ensures all technical aspects are handled correctly.
  • Peace of Mind: Clients can focus on business growth, knowing their website runs smoothly.
  • 24/7 Support: Round-the-clock assistance guarantees minimal disruptions.
  • Full Control & Maintenance: Ensures peak site performance and offers clients the best value for their investment.

Hosting client’s websites brings both operational and strategic benefits, making it a win-win for both you and your client.

How Reselling Makes It Easier to Manage Clients’ Websites?

Reselling is a great way to manage your clients’ websites and earn profits. Instead of having to juggle multiple hosting platforms for each of your clients, you can just offer your own customized hosting services as part of a package deal.

This makes it easier to give the best possible service to your customers without worrying about having to manage different elements from multiple sources. It’s an efficient and cost-effective approach that will help give you peace of mind while giving your customers the site they need.

Here are some examples of how becoming a reseller can make it easier to manage clients websites:

  • Scalability: As your client base grows, reselling allows you to effortlessly scale your offerings without the complications of setting up additional infrastructure.
  • Branding Opportunities: Many reseller packages allow you to white-label the hosting services, letting you brand the cPanel, dashboard, and other aspects, thereby reinforcing your brand with every client interaction.
  • Automation and Billing: Most reseller packages come with built-in tools for billing and automation, helping to simplify the administration of client accounts and ensuring timely payments.
  • Client Control and Autonomy: Reselling often grants greater control over the resources allocated to each client, ensuring optimal site performance tailored to individual client needs.
  • Maintenance and Updates: With the backing of a primary hosting provider, resellers can assure their clients that servers are regularly maintained, backed up, and updated for security and performance.
  • Enhanced Security Features: By choosing a robust reseller package, agencies or individuals can offer advanced security features, including malware scanning, automatic backups, and DDoS protection.
  • Technical Support: By relying on the primary hosting provider’s technical support, resellers can ensure timely resolution of any technical glitches, boosting client trust.
  • Training Opportunities: Resellers can offer training or tutorials to their clients on using the platform, providing added value and enhancing the client relationship.

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How To Host Your Clients’ Websites (Using Reseller Plans)

Using a reseller plan to host your clients websites will:

  • Give you the flexibility of choosing from a variety of plans that offer different features, including unlimited disk space and bandwidth.
  • Allow you to easily manage multiple sites and access detailed analytics for each one.
  • Help you streamline the management process across all of your customers projects by using the same platform and hosting provider.
  • Provide access to powerful web tools and reliable customer support in case you ever need it.
  • Increase your revenue and profitability if you buy the right reseller plans and utilize them efficiently.

Choose a Good Reseller Host

Selecting the right reseller hosting provider for your clients’ websites is the first step. But with so many options out there, how do you choose the best one for your clients? Let’s explore what makes a good reseller host and which type of reseller host you should get for your clients.

A good reseller hosting service will provide all that is necessary to create and maintain your websites. It should include:

  • disk space
  • unlimited website hosting bandwidth
  • cPanel access
  • email accounts
  • reliable customer support
  • Extra features that are necessary to keep your site running smoothly

The Different Types of Reseller Hosting

You also need to consider what kind of hosting platform you want to use; some popular options include Linux, Windows, and VPS (Virtual Private Servers)


If you don’t have much experience with web development or server administration, then a Linux-based platform might be the best choice for you as it’s usually easier to use and manage than other platforms.

Once you decide on a plan that meets all your needs and has reliable 24/7 customer support, then it’s time to get started on scaling your business! With the right reseller hosting service in place, success is only a few clicks away!

HostAdvice can help you choose the right plan with its comprehensive reviews to evaluate hundreds of top-rated web hosts so you can easily make informed decisions.

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WordPressVisit ChemiCloud

Set Up Your Reseller Hosting Business

Setting up your reseller hosting business involves a few steps:

1. Identify Your Target Market

Once you’ve chosen the right plan, it’s time to decide who will be using your reseller hosting services. Are you targeting small businesses? Or maybe freelancers looking to build out their own portfolio sites? Having a clear understanding of who your target market is will help guide your marketing efforts down the line. That said, don’t be afraid to mix things up; there’s always room for experimentation!

2. Create Your Brand

When it comes time to market your reseller hosting services, having a strong brand identity is key. This means creating logos, slogans, and other visuals that represent what you offer and what makes you unique in comparison to other providers on the market. You should also create compelling content such as blog posts and videos that speak directly to potential customers’ needs and wants. Building a recognizable brand goes a long way toward establishing trust and credibility with prospective clients.

3. Leverage Social Media

Social media is an effective tool for promoting any type of business—and reseller hosting services are no exception! Creating social media accounts on platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc., gives you instant access to millions of potential customers around the world who may be interested in what you have to offer.

Focus on engaging through meaningful conversations about topics related to online marketing, website technical help, web development, etc. And be sure not to spam people with too many sales pitches.

4. Monitor Performance & A/B test As Needed  

Finally, once everything is up and running it’s important that you remain vigilant about monitoring performance metrics such as uptime/downtime stats and customer feedback/reviews from existing clients so that any potential issues can be addressed quickly before they become bigger problems down the road.

It’s also important that you stay on top of emerging trends in the industry so that you can make adjustments as needed in order for your reseller hosting services to stay competitive in today’s ever-changing landscape!

Host Your Clients’ Website

You’ve developed a website but it’s not accessible to your client’s customers. So why not sweeten the deal by offering to host their site as well? Think about it – you can get hosting packages for a great price and manage their site without additional effort or fuss. Now, to top it off, you can make yourself some extra money for your hard work! Propose hosting in your client proposals, and you instantly become more valuable as their one-stop solution hub.

Recommended Reseller Hosting Providers

Fortunately, there are some great reseller hosting providers out there that can help you get your business online quickly and affordably. Let’s take a look at three of the recommended reseller hosting providers on the market today.

1. Verpex Hosting 

Final: How to host websites for clients

Verpex offers reseller hosting plans starting at $14.95 per month which include unlimited cPanel accounts, SSD storage space, and monthly bandwidth allocation. Their customer support team is also available 24/7 via phone or live chat so you can get immediate assistance with any technical issues that may arise. Plus they provide a 45-day money back guarantee so you can try out their service risk-free before committing to it long-term.

2. HostArmada

Final: How to host websites for clients

HostArmada offers a wide range of services, from shared to VPS to dedicated servers. Their reseller plans offer unlimited websites, storage space, bandwidth, and email accounts for as low as $25 per month. They also provide free SSL certificates and Cloudflare CDN for faster page loading times. And their customer care team is available 24/7 to help you with any issues that may arise.

3. ChemiCloud


ChemiCloud provides an easy-to-use reseller hosting solution with a focus on user-friendliness and minimal technical complexity. Key features include robust performance with SSD storage, LiteSpeed cache, Cloudflare CDN, and dedicated resources per cPanel. Their white label reseller plans offer private nameservers, automated billing, unlimited migrations, and comprehensive support services like 30-day backups and malware removal. Starting at $22.46 per month, ChemiCloud presents a cost-effective option for efficient web hosting.

Conclusion: Is Hosting Websites for Clients Worth It?

Hosting websites for clients can be a great way to earn extra income, and reseller hosting is specifically designed for those looking to take advantage of this opportunity. With reseller hosting, you have the potential to make money by selling web hosting services under your own brand name.

You could potentially create a modern version of an old-fashioned webmaster as all you need is a domain to get started. Making passive income has never been easier than with reseller hosting where you no longer have to worry about setting up or managing server hardware or software – so there’s less upfront cost and effort required on your part.

Whether you’re looking for additional side income for your web development business or hoping for reseller hosting to become your main job, it could be worth considering if website hosting is something that interests you.

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Next Steps: What now?

  • Choose the right reseller hosting plan
  • Set up your account
  • Select domain configuration
  • Install software to host your client’s website (CMS)
  • Monitor site performance
  • Promote web hosting services via marketing
  • Automate systems and tasks

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get clients for my website hosting?

To get clients for your web hosting, you must narrow down your focus and identify your target audience, create an affiliate program to attract potential customers, promote your services on relevant forums, utilize blogging and social media to increase visibility, and ask customers for testimonials that you can use in marketing materials.

How do I give website hosting to clients?

Set up the hosting environment and configure the domain, design and develop the site and database structure as needed. Configure user accounts and security settings and don’t forget to test the website before handing it over to the client.

Should I host clients' websites?

If you’re developing a website for a client, it’s recommended to host their website on your reseller hosting platform and offer maintenance and marketing services in addition to their regular services to maximize the income.

What is the best way to host a website?

If you want to host clients’ websites, it’s recommended to use a reseller program. A reseller program allows you to buy hosting services at wholesale rates, allowing you to benefit from discounts when reselling hosting plans to your clients. It also provides an easy way for you to manage these plans and keep track of customer accounts all in one place.

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