How To Resell Web Hosting: (Maximize Your Profit )

How to Resell Hosting and Maximize Your Profit

How to resell hosting is more straightforward than many anticipate, offering a pathway to establish a rewarding side hustle or even launch your own web hosting company. With the right tools and approach, reselling hosting can be a profitable venture.

Before diving in, it’s essential to understand the basics, such as what Is reseller hosting. Once armed with that knowledge, the next step is to choose the best setup that aligns with your budget and business goals.

This guide will provide tips and strategies for making the most out of reseller hosting services, including different ways to generate revenue, streamline operations, and market your services.

Find the Best Platform for Your Reselling Business

ProviderUser RatingDiscounts 
4.8Up to 20% OffVisit Verpex Hosting
4.830-Day Free TrialVisit Kamatera
5.0Up to 75% OffVisit ChemiCloud

Kickstart your journey with our top picks. For more information on recommended brands and details, visit our Best Reseller Hosting Providers page.

  • Reseller hosting lets you buy hosting packages in bulk and sell them to your clients
  • Resellers can generate significant profit by selling hosting to their clients
  • Choosing the right hosting provider is vital when reselling hosting
  • Reseller hosting eliminates the need for expensive hardware and gives you a low barrier to entry into the business
  • Promotion and good customer service are also necessary for successful reseller hosting.

What is Reseller Hosting?

Reseller hosting involves purchasing a large amount of server space and bandwidth from an established web host on behalf of the account owner (reseller). The reseller divides this into smaller, more affordable packages and sells them to their customers, usually small businesses or individuals. In effect, the reseller acts as a mini web hosting provider themselves.

You can access a complete hosting infrastructure with reseller hosting, including servers, disk space, bandwidth, and additional services like domain registration and email hosting. You must purchase these services from a hosting provider like HostArmada and resell them for a profit.

The reseller hosting company will typically pack up and manage the server while leaving you as the reseller to handle all customer service, billing, and other services. This can provide an excellent opportunity for entrepreneurs looking to expand their current business or those wanting to start an online business with minimal investment.

  • Reseller hosting allows you to become your own web hosting company without purchasing and maintaining your web servers.
  • It lets you start offering hosting services quickly and easily without needing expensive physical hardware.
  • Reseller hosting is ideal for entrepreneurs, designers, developers, businesses, agencies, and other organizations looking to enter the web hosting business.
  • The reseller maintains a hosting account with the provider and can manage multiple customer accounts from that single account.
  • Reseller hosting gives you greater control over the pricing, features, and support offered than shared web hosting plans.

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Benefits of Reselling Web Hosting

A few of the numerous benefits of reseller hosting services include the following;

Quick To Set Up

Setting up a reseller hosting service is surprisingly quick and easy. You don’t need to be an IT professional or have any technical know-how to start.

All you need is a hosting reseller account from your chosen provider, which you can get in minutes. This account gives you access to the server space, bandwidth, customer management tools, and technical support you need to resell web hosting to other people. And as simple as that, you can have your own web hosting business.

No In-depth Technical Knowledge is Required

A reseller needs a strong understanding of the fundamentals of web hosting, how it works, and other general hosting features. Plenty of online resources allow you to easily become an expert on these topics.

Plus, the fact that you don’t need much more “technical knowledge” than what these tutorials offer makes reselling hosting a great way to get your feet wet in the tech world without diving too deep into years of programming skills or complex coding languages.

Some Reseller Services Also Offer Support Services

When reselling hosting services, having access to support services can be a significant benefit. However, that doesn’t mean that you have to be an expert. Resellers can save a lot of time and trouble by having technical support available to help them solve any problems that may come up.

Furthermore, providing clients with excellent customer service is essential to building a successful business and returning customers.

Increases Scalability

Creating a reseller hosting plan significantly increases your business’s scalability. With a reseller hosting account, you will be able to offer more hosting packages at a variety of levels. This will enable you to quickly expand and meet the needs of a growing customer base.

You can charge different amounts for different hosting plans. This will help you get more customers and make more money.

To fully understand the benefits and drawbacks of reseller hosting, check out our article Is Reseller Hosting Worth It?

What To Look For In a Reseller Hosting Provider?

When looking for a reseller hosting provider, there are some key factors to consider.

Account Management Apps: Many hosting providers offer account management apps, allowing resellers to manage their customers’ accounts easily. Look for a provider that provides user-friendly account management apps with features such as automated billing and customer support.

Built-in Billing Software: A good host should provide built-in billing software, making it easier to manage customer accounts and ensure accurate billing. Look for a provider that offers reliable, secure billing software with features such as automatic invoicing and payment processing.

White Labeling: A white labeling feature allows resellers to customize their service offerings by branding the product with their logo and branding. A good host should give resellers the ability to customize their service offerings and display their branding on the product.

Second-Line Customer Support: Choosing a hosting provider that offers second-line customer support, such as ticketing systems or live chat, is essential. This will help ensure that customers get timely responses to their inquiries and that resellers can quickly address any issues.

One-Click Installers: Look for a provider that offers one-click installers, allowing customers to quickly set up their websites without manually configuring the hosting environment. This will help ensure a more straightforward setup process for your customers and reduce the amount of support you need to provide.

Unlimited Resources: Choose a provider that offers unlimited resources, such as bandwidth and storage space. This will help ensure that your customers can grow their businesses without worrying about running out of resources. Look for hosts that offer flexible resource allocations so that you can tailor the hosting environment to each customer’s needs.

How To Resell Hosting?

We are down to the main point; now that you have decided to resell hosting services, the next step is understanding how it works. Here are the steps you need to follow to resell hosting successfully.

Create a Business Plan

A business plan is an essential step in reselling hosting services. Before diving into the world of hosting, it’s necessary to take the time to outline a plan of action and define one’s goals. This will help you figure out what reseller hosting account is best for you and what hosting environment will make you the most money.

When creating a business plan, consider factors such as the number of hosting accounts to resell, the type of hosting services to be sold, pricing details, and other support services. Also, consider identifying your target audience and determining what hosting plans you can offer that will be attractive to them.

Finally, it’s essential to outline the necessary steps, tools, and resources needed for reselling hosting services.

Choose Your Reseller Host

You want to make the right choice regarding your reseller hosting provider. Research various companies and find the best option to fit your needs. Look for one that offers good uptime, plenty of storage, and a solid support system. Your hosting reseller account should also provide a wide range of features to help you maximize your profits. Consider the features provided by each company and make sure they meet your needs.

The following are the questions you should ask yourself when deciding on a reseller web hosting provider:

  • How reliable is their hosting service?
  • Is the storage space enough for your needs?
  • What customer support options are available?
  • Are the features they offer suitable for reselling hosting services?
  • Is the pricing structure competitive?
  • Are there any added benefits to using their hosting reseller account?
  • Do they have a variety of reseller hosting plans?

By researching different companies and weighing all of the above criteria, we will include a list of top reseller hosting providers to help you select the best one for your needs later in this article.

Explore our top picks for Reseller Hosting Providers selected based on user and expert reviews.

Set Your Hosting Packages

Once you have identified the hosting reseller that best fits your needs, it’s time to set up your hosting web packages. You will need to decide how much web hosting space, bandwidth, and other features you wish to offer with each web hosting package.

When selecting web hosting packages, it is essential to choose web hosting packages that are competitively priced and match the needs of your target market. For example, web hosting packages geared toward web designers may need to include web design software or web page-building tools.

Make Your Plans To Sell To Customers and Agencies

How do you resell web hosting? Reseller web hosting is similar to starting any other business. The key to success is to find a way to distinguish your hosting web service from competitors and to provide unique features that will set your hosting web service apart.

When it comes to web hosting, you need to look at the reseller hosting packages you are offering and find ways to customize them. This includes offering specialized packages, discounts for bulk purchases, and providing web hosting solutions that meet the needs of both individual customers and web hosting agencies.

You must also look at how you can market your web hosting services. You can use web hosting marketing tools such as SEO, PPC advertising, webinars, and web design to target potential customers and position your web hosting business as an expert web hosting service provider.

Recommended Reseller Hosts

Before you can start reselling web hosting and maximizing profits, you must choose a reseller web hosting provider. It is essential to select one that offers a reseller web hosting service with the features and resources you need to succeed.

Here are some web hosting companies that offer web hosting reseller services and are worth considering:


Final: How to Resell Hosting: (Maximize Your Profit)

HostArmada is the perfect choice for anyone looking to resell hosting services. Their award-winning infrastructure, reliable customer support and competitive pricing structure makes them an ideal partner for any web hosting provider. Their proprietary cloud SSD technology ensures maximum scalability and performance, while their advanced security protocols ensure your data is always safe and secure.

With HostArmada, you will surely experience an unbeatable hosting service with the utmost reliability and scalability. Plus, with their wide range of options and customizable packages, it’s easy to find the perfect plan for your customers’ needs.

  • Plans and features are within budget
  • There is also search engine optimization for your website
  • Domain registration and data transfers are complimentary
  • Certificates of SSL encryption are issued automatically
  • Guaranteed refund within 45 days
  • There is no cap on the number of mailboxes your service can support
  • Create your website with ease and at no cost
  • Firewall protection and solid-state storage come standard.
  • There is no monthly plan available
  • Plans have a very high renewal rate
  • LiteSpeed web server is only available with the highest hosting plan.

Verpex Hosting

Final: How to Resell Hosting: (Maximize Your Profit)

For website owners seeking a reliable hosting partner to resell their services, Verpex is the answer. With a wide range of hosting products and unbeatable customer service, Verpex makes it easy for entrepreneurs and IT professionals to make money from web hosting. It offers shared and VPS hosting plans, domain name registration, SSL certificates, reseller programs for web hosts and IT professionals, and dedicated server solutions.

Verpex provides professional management services to help resellers efficiently manage their clients’ websites.

  • Ahead of the curve response times (457 ms) and availability (99.99 percent)
  • Incredible international server response times
  • Considered to be among the best-managed web servers for WordPress
  • Support staff that is available at all hours and is well-versed in their field
  • Daily, automatic backups are included in the service at no cost
  • Display that’s simple to use
  • Promotional and introductory offers of the highest quality
  • 30-day money-back guarantee.
  • Renewals come with a price hike
  • Minimal storage capacity (up to 40GB web space in shared hosting).

A2 Hosting

Final: How to Resell Hosting: (Maximize Your Profit)

A2Hosting is a web hosting company that has been around since 2001 and is based in Ann Arbor, Michigan. They offer shared, VPS, dedicated, WordPress, and reseller hosting plans. But, their standout feature is the impressive server speeds they offer.

This makes them an ideal web hosting provider for administrators who want to set up their own web hosting reseller business.

  • Lightning-fast server speeds
  • Excellent customer support
  • Versatile hosting plans
  • Top-tier security features.
  • Plans are relatively expensive if you don’t commit to a long-term contract
  • Not the most expansive server footprint.


Starting a reseller hosting business can be a very profitable endeavor with the right provider. One of the major players, such as HostArmada, Verpex Hosting, or A2 Hosting, could be a good partner for you to consider. All of them provide excellent reseller hosting plans and have a large, loyal following.

However, HostArmada is the clear leader in reselling hosting, providing the best features, pricing, and support. With the proper research and a commitment to providing reliable and secure services to your customers, you can ensure that your reseller hosting business will be successful and profitable.

Next Steps: What now?

Final: How to Resell Hosting: (Maximize Your Profit)

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Reselling Hosting Profitable?

Reselling hosting can be profitable for businesses with the right strategies. Companies should focus on providing high-quality hosting packages at competitive prices and actively market their services to maximize profits. Offering additional services such as website design and maintenance and digital marketing can help differentiate from competitors.

How Do I Resell My Domain and Hosting?

To resell your hosting and domains, you will need to buy the hosting and domains from a hosting provider or registrar, create your web hosting packages, promote the services you are offering, set up payment processing for customers, and provide customer service.

How Do I Set Up Reseller Hosting?

Generally, you need to sign up for a reseller program with a hosting provider, purchase the necessary hardware and software, and then configure your server to provide the hosting services you wish to offer.

How to Make Money From Hosting?

Making money from hosting services is possible by reselling hosting plans. This requires purchasing a bulk package of hosting services, then selling them at an individual rate. By doing so, you can earn a decent profit margin from the services you resell.

Which Is the Best Reseller Hosting Company?

The best reseller hosting company is HostArmada. HostArmada provides reliable, secure web hosting for businesses of any size. Their services are tailored to each customer’s needs, and their features are designed to maximize profitability. HostArmada offers flexible plans with various features such as unlimited domains, subdomains, storage, bandwidth and email accounts.

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